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mirror courtesy lights

Steve Lee

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Oct 17, 2017
spring hill
My XLR/V(s)
Well, I finally found out why my lights weren't working with the doors. I think it was Ian, that sent me a thread yesterday w/ an attachment (photo) about the plug(s) on the back of the mirror being like the Corvettes I found that the driver side plug, on the extreme left of the back of the mirror (there are -2) )was a little loose and I was able to move it in/out , and when I did the courtesy lights went, on/off! They are working with the doors now as they should, but I would like someone to PM me with their phone number, so I may call them, and then have them tell me how to remove that plug, and the other one, and take the mirror off of the wind shield. I don't want to do it and damage something; and I need to see why that plug "wiggles, and why the plastic cover at the wind shield, is not flush on said wind shield, and I also can see what looks like one of those Arrow head type holders for it showing about 1/8 inch in the space between that cover and the wind shield, on the driver side. I sincerely helps this to solve the problem all of the others on this forum are having with their mirror lights not working with the doors. I absolutely knew that I would finally find what the problem was:wave:, because my motto is: Only losers give up, Winners never give up!! , and that motto, and help I got from a lot of you on the forum did it!! Thank you all!!!

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