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Registration Problems: Did Not Receive Activation Email


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Oct 7, 2006
New Hampshire
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Not yet!
If you registered but did not receive the activation email from the system, this could be due to one of two problems:

1. You supplied an incorrect/invalid email address

2. You're using a free email system such as Yahoo, or Hotmail.

If you're using one of the free email systems listed above, it's likely that they're spam filters have moved the CAC system's activation email into the Junk mail section of your inbox.

Please send us an email at Contact Us, provide us with your forum username and email address that you used to register with and we can manually activate your account in no time at all.


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Oct 17, 2008
Billings, Montana
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2007 Red Jewel XLR
I didn't receive an activation email, but didn't have any problem posting without one.
Rod aka mtrocket

Just checked my email address thinking I may have entered it incorrectly, but it was correct.

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