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Top Controller Relay Module - Relays for Sale


Jan 1, 2016
Perdido Key, FL
My XLR/V(s)
2007 Black XLR
A few years ago the hydraulic top controller on my 2007 XLR failed, preventing the hydraulic motor from shutting off after the top operation was complete. This burned up the pump motor as it overheated and fried the motor windings before I could get the battery disconnected. I sent the motor/pump assembly off to Top Hydraulics in Oregon for refurbishment. After installing the refurbished motor/pump assembly I was still a little nervous because I never discovered a smoking gun. Over the next few days I operated the top, ever concerned that the motor wouldn't shut off at the end of the cycle and..... one time, it didn't! I was right there and disconnected the controller to stop it. A new controller was quite pricey so I decided to see what was in the black box before I went out to spend the money for a new one. There are typical integrated circuits that you really can't test, only visually inspect for physical damage. I saw none. I did notice that there are four "ice-cube" relays soldered to the board. The relays are the devices that actually activate the motor and solenoids. At this point I suspected a burned relay that maybe the contacts were welded and would not release. Using a Fluke 87V multimeter I checked for continuity and coil resistance among the four relays. One was slightly different so I decided to locate a replacement relay and change it out. The relays installed are: TAIKO HTB2-160 12VDC I searched the Internet and was able to locate 4 relays. They are Japanese made but were actually shipped out of China from a surplus company. I was suspicious but ordered them anyway because I could not find them anywhere. They came in and I installed one of them to replace the suspicious relay. The top is now back in full operating condition with no failures since December 2018. I sold the car in November 2019 and have three of these relays left. These are to hard to come by so I decided I would sell them on this forum. I am asking $25 each and will ship them out to you.

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