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Trunk won't open


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Apr 22, 2022
Louisville Ky
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2004 XLR
I have a 2004 XLR with 75,000 miles. The trunk will not automatically open either with button inside car or activation of the retractable top. I can hear the trunk release when I push the button. Once I manually open the trunk, it will complete it's cycle to retract the top both open and close. Valet button is not activated.

Question, what sensor or other thought might be the issue and how and where can I get replacement part?
The toughest part of the operation on the pump is opening the trunk.it does it direct are your trunk struts ok? Will they hold the trunk open? So when you click the trunk button,you say you hear the release. Are you able to lift the trunk without the key In the bumper?
Ok thats the first thing to start with. If the trunk is too hard to open for the pump it will not work. Get a set of stabilus struts same as oem for half the money plus they are long enough to make install easy. again I ask do you raise the trunk by hand without useing the key in the bumper? If you can unlock it with the fob and then pick it up that elimanates one potential problem. When you open be sure to sort of pull it towards you as you lift it up. Otherwise you can break a corner of the trunk
Start with strut replacement just to get the Folding Top to support the rear decklid's weight. AFter that, have a relearn done to get a baseline of the Folding Top system status. If any of the electronic components have failed, they'll be easier to troubleshoot with the data available during the relearn.

I have a 2005 XLR. The trunk is stuck in the closed position. None of the buttons will open the trunk lid. The key in the bumper makes a very small noise but the trunk lid still appears to be latched or weighs more than I can budge. The switch in the glove box is in the off position. As much as I can tell there are no further instructions available to unlatch the trunk lid. Please provide any thoughts and assistance. Thanks
The one in the bumper is just a cable release. YOu should by able to lift the trunk while holding the key in the open position. Yes the trunk is very heavy
Once the struts wear out or leak their inner gas,,,, all kinds of problems may start to happen.

The struts don't last forever...

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