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Well...she's gone


Oct 6, 2016
My XLR/V(s)
2006 XLR-Black
I have been a lurking member for several years. Bought a 2006 XLR back in 2015 or 2016. They are fun cars...but definitely a product of early 2000's GM. Due to non-existent parts (headlights/tail lights etc) and the OA quality concerns over time of the top, I decided to let her go. Luckily, my car worked perfectly every time over the years, but things going south were always in the back of my mind. 2000's GM products are not known for quality. This car wasn't bad. But, for a $90k car back in 2006, this thing was terribly over priced IMHO. All in all it was a fun car. No sports car or speed demon, but a good classy, medium fast car. The XLR styling is what the Vette should have looked like. The XLR was head and tails better looking than any C6 of the time. The top was a work of art...buy also a huge concern. Hopefully everyone who owns one genuinely enjoys them. Every time I see one, I'll hit the thumbs up. Have a good time guys. ATB...MOTO
Join the club. It was bittersweet watching my 06 drive away, but after 8 years it was time to let go of that 17 year old car. Especially after the Cadillac dealership screwed up the car after a year in the shop

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