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My 2006 XLR-V is available for the right offer. I have a deposit on 911 Targa that should be arriving by the end of the year or early 2022. The car is very original and has about 42k on the odometer. It's properly serviced. Since taking possession I've added bluetooth, 4 new Pirelli's and an Elite Engineering thermal stiffening plate. All reasonable offers considered.
Hi, I'm having the same problem with my gas gauge it would go up and then it dropped. Now it does do anything. How did you fix yours???
Hello all we just purchase an 2006 XLR in CT so far all is working well with the car can someone let me know what would be good tires to put on this car . We purchase some new rim and are looking for tires . Do you all think we need to go with run flats or not .
I'm Looking For HELP With My CD PLAYER ALL 6 CD's Show CD ERROR ??? I NEED HELP HERE ,I Can Here Them Changing And Numbers 1Try 6 Mover Over And Radio Works Fine
Only This Id The CD PLAYER And The CD's Are Brand New, I Looked All Over The Forum And Found Nothing
Please Help Me Out Here
Thank You
I am looking for advice for:
1) best replacements windshield wiper blades for my 2004 XLR
2) should I tint the windows? Would that interfere with the rainsense feature or
block out the speedometer reading on the windshield?

Is your 2009 Blue XLR still for sale? I'm very interested. Let me know where I can find it listed. Thanks much!
Jim...just curious if you replaced that radiator yourself or did you have a shop do it
I replaced it myself

GREAT for you on the headlight fix!!!! I would like to know please .........what you did regarding the LED lights. Which lights did you replace ? ................the DRL directional lights ?? Yours is a 2006 ?? Mine is a 2006 . Do you have hyper-flash issues now ? Jensen Beach, FL here

Just curious if you miss owning an xlr.....I hve one picked out the the issues are mindboggling.....any comments appreciated...thanks...
I am contacting you in the hope may have a small bracket that I need on the passenger side bumper/ fender. I know it is a long shot but could you please contact me and I can explain it in more detail. I am also in Canada. Mgsullivan@Shaw.ca. Thanks
Hello, I have a 2006 XLR-V and my friend loves it and has been casually looking for one. He's not a member here. If the car is still available please reply with the interior color and a way to contact you. His name is Tom and we are both in NJ.
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