2009 Cadillac XLR: Service Bulletin: #16-NA-055: Information Regarding Servicing Components Located Near SIR Components

#16-NA-055: Information Regarding Servicing Components Located Near SIR Components - (Feb 22, 2016)

Subject: Information Regarding Servicing Components Located Near SIR Components
Attention: This Bulletin also applies to any of the models that may be Export vehicles.

This Bulletin replaces PI0050. Please discard PI0050.

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SIR component location affects how a vehicle should be serviced. There are parts of the SIR system installed in various locations around a vehicle. To find the location of the SIR components, refer to the SIR Identification Views in SI.

There are several reasons for disabling the SIR system, such as repairs to the SIR system or servicing a component near or attached to an SIR component. The ignition should be in the OFF position for ANY service work that requires impact to the body or frame. One example would be when adjusting the side door striker using a hammer or mallet.

Warning: When performing service on or near the SIR components or the SIR wiring, the SIR system must be disabled. Failure to observe the correct procedure could cause deployment of the SIR components. Serious injury can occur. Failure to observe the correct procedure could also result in unnecessary SIR system repairs.

The inflatable restraint sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) fasteners should not be removed until the battery is disconnected, and the SDM electrical connector is removed.

The fasteners should be re-installed and torqued to proper specifications before reattaching the SDM electrical connector. The electrical connector must be reattached before reconnecting the negative battery cable to the battery.

The SDM is equipped with a roll-over sensor. Turning the SDM over while under power may result in airbag deployment. Make sure the SDM is completely disconnected for at least a minute before handling this module.

Disabling Procedure – Negative Battery Cable

  1. Turn the steering wheel so that the vehicle wheels are pointing straight ahead.
  2. Place the ignition in the OFF position.
  3. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. Refer to the Battery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection in SI.
  4. Wait one minute before working on system.
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