Cadillac XLR Net | Supporting Membership

2004 Cadillac XLR - Neiman Marcus Edition

The XLR Net Supporting Members are a vital part of helping this community grow and improve. We would like to thank all of our members for their continued help and support.

Over the next year, we are planning on implementing some new sections of the site as well improve the overall look, feel and functionality of the site.

Supporting Members help offset the cost of operating the XLR Net web site. With all the new upgrades and extra room planned, the cost to operate the site continues to increase. We've been able to keep the entire site free to members and non-members and will continue to do so. The Supporting Membership program is completely voluntary and not required for forum membership. It's a simple way to help support the site and provides you with a few extra membership benefits.

Supporting Members get:

  1. A special Supporting Member tag under your username:  Cadillac XLR Net Supporting Member
  2. Access to the Supporting Members only forum.
  3. Save up to 300 Private Messages.
  4. Larger signatures with more images and videos.

The cost of Supporting Membership is $26.00 per year. To become a Supporting Member please click on the "Preferences" in the forums tool bar, then scroll down the left column to "Account Upgrades" on the left and click on it. Simply follow the instructions from there.

For members who would not like to use the online form of payment, you can send a check or money order made out to:  Torque Network:

Torque Network
c/o XLR Net
562 Fairfield St.
Manchester, NH 03104

Please be sure to include your forum username on your check or money order.

If your forum title has not been changed to "Supporting Member" within 7-days, or if your PayPal e-mail address doesn't match the e-mail address you registered with, please contact us with your forum username and PayPal e-mail address. Thank you!

Thanks for your support!

The legal stuff - While we do the best to provide 24/7 service at the XLR Net there is no guarantee of continued service. Supporting Members must follow all forum rules just as non-supporting members. Supporting Member status does not grant any special consideration when member banning is considered due to breaking forum rules. Refunds will not be granted to Supporting Members who are banned for breaking forum rules.