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  • clip needed October 3, 2023
    Hey, Am looking for the little metal twist spring clip that goes on the door to the Air cabin filter. If anyone happens to have an extra one, I will buy it. Bill
  • Hello From Arlington Texas October 2, 2023
    I bought DIVAKC from Houston and she is on her way tonight to Arlington Texas Home of the Cowboyz. I will send another pix, in about a month when I put all bells and whistles on her. I am excited and thinking about starting a Dallas Cadillac XLR club, well I only know two others […]
  • Hello from Sacramento California October 2, 2023
    Hello I have a 2009 Cadillac XLR with 69,180 miles I have been trying to sell the car but when using the key fob or the trunk or top retraction button I have to push the button at least 4 times for the trunk to release. It will lift up partially then stop almost like […]
  • Aftermarket v grille October 2, 2023
    I have a nice e and g aftermarket grille 750 plus shipping.
  • New member October 1, 2023
    Hi all - live in Van Alstyne Tx….. own a 2008 XLR-V silver …. Are there any get togethers in the Dallas area from time to time ? Cars and coffee things like that ?
  • Xlr v front moukding 06-08 September 30, 2023
    New Oem hood moulding. I have 09 platinum which are very close to the v moulding and I have one Oem V style. new never installed.

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  • Roof and trunk not working September 23, 2023
    I am a new member although I have perused this site over the years. I have a 2007 XLR Passion Red with 35,000 miles which I have owned for 3 years. I just wanted to share my story regarding my roof / trunk in which I had a successful outcome, contrary to what I read […]
  • Headlights. September 23, 2023
    An update. As mentioned I bought an 09 broken headlight
  • Hey everyone. I'm back... September 9, 2023
    It's been a while since I've been on the sight. What's with the CTS postings on an XLR sight??
  • Tell me why an XLR-V should be in my future September 3, 2023
    Hi folks, I’d like to ask for some advice. I’m thinking about purchasing an XLR-V in the near future and the repair horror stories on this site have me very worried. I currently drive a Mercedes CL600 (V12) that I bought new in 2002 that has had nothing but expensive problems since the day I […]
  • Cadillac XLR Build Sheets and Window Stickers September 2, 2023
    I emailed the National Corvette Museum regarding the acquisition of build sheets and window stickers for Cadillac XLR owners. They offer build sheets and window stickers for sale on their web site for Corvette owners, but didn't see anything for XLR owners - so I inquired. I received the following response from Betty Hardisan at […]
  • "Service Ride Control" ?? September 1, 2023
    We just brought our 05 home after dealer had it for five months for top module issues. It also went in with dash display "Service Ride Control"'s still there. A return call to the dealership claims the module to correct this message is unavailable but it doesn't affect the ride at all so don't […]

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  • Help on getting the seat switch unplugged September 30, 2023
    Hey About four years back I replaced the driver's side seat switch bezel in the X. Did not seem it was too hard. Replacing it again now . Can not see how to do it . How do you get the forward plug off? Got the two flat plugs, but the one up front seems […]
  • Sirus XM Radio Function September 30, 2023
    Does anyone in our forum have an XLR (with factory radio) that has the XM Radio functioning? I recently tried to have Sirus "start a subscription" for my XLR radio, since it appears to have XM functionality. Shows Radio ID on channel 0, has XM1/XM2 presets, and shows station names. After many "refresh signals" and […]
  • suspension module bypass. September 28, 2023
    Has your 2004-05 XLR suspension module 10348979 shorted out due to water damage? Want to fix it without spending $3K. Switch to Z06 shocks and install this bypass. This bypass removes the "Service ride control" & "Speed limited to 80 mph" messages on the Driver Information Center display. $425 free shipping money back guarantee. Paypal […]
  • dash lights September 27, 2023
    All the warning lights and HUD working fine , checked fuse.......DIC will ONLY show HUD dimming will not show panel dimming??? Hard to drive at night with no dash lights....any ideas?
  • Shocks/Struts September 26, 2023
    Dreamie my 2005 XLR needs new shocks/struts (electronic suspension) you may already know that . Being told that I can get them redone by sending them out, buy Refurbished or buy After market brand as they are often the same maker as name brand (per my client who sells after market engine components) Thoughts? Input? […]
  • Tech2 tire size calibration September 26, 2023
    Has anyone used the Tech2 to calibrate the speedometer when switching to different size tires? It's may not be necessary since I am only changing the diameter a very small amount but I would still like to see if it is possible. I have yet to find a way to do this but I am […]

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  • Bulgari odometer July 19, 2023
    Have a 2006 XLR-V purchased last year with 19345 miles. Has anyone seen an XLR-V with a Bulgari odometer. I purchased vehicle at Cadillac dealer in Maryland and have seen Carfax and paid for another VIN check and both came back with no Title issues and odometer is right. My only issue is that the […]
  • coolest sensor May 30, 2023
    Has anyone changed the coolant sensor on a 2006 XLR-V, could you give me the location please. Tom
  • Help. Trunk wont stay open April 18, 2023
    I have an issue with the trunk. It will pops open and then immediately closes. I had it into the dealer for a look. With then COVID issues they don’t have manpower to look at it. Thanks for any help.
  • Shocks! March 31, 2023
    I’ve purchased my XLR last fall knowing I need to do the shock replacement this spring. My mechanic suggested I replace w a quality shock and sway bars and program my computer to accept them opposed to the original electric shock. He’s a Corvette guy and says it would give a superior ride. I’d appreciate […]
  • High Flow Air Filters For a 2006 V March 19, 2023
    Everyone: Got a 2006 V and cant find any high flow air filters for it. Got any suggestions on who might still have 2? Really want to keep the stock system and just change the filters.
  • VVT solenoid actuator oil leak UPDATE March 4, 2023
    I noticed oil leaking from around the solenoid actuators, after close inspection I determined it was coming from where the wire plugs into the magnet. All four connectors were soaked in oil so I'm surprised the car ran fine with no check engine lights. Found new AC Delco replacements at rock auto. Installing the new […]

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  • Interior Mod Pictures September 2, 2023
    Just some interior color changes I am playing with, so far I like it!
  • CD changer replacement April 17, 2023
    My CD changer was holding 6 of my favorite cd's hostage, I tried all the tricks, but nothing worked. Once I removed the unit and separated the cd changer from the radio, I was able to disassemble the changer and remove the cd's. Unfortunately I found some teeth missing from one of the gears so […]
  • Northstar Performance April 15, 2023
    Has anyone else had problems with Northstar Performance? I ordered a stage 3 performance PCM with core on 25th September. I haven´t heard anything form them since. I sent them a couple of emails, no answer. I tried to contact the owner on Linkedin, no answer.
  • Camaro OEM wheels fit April 11, 2023
    Wanted to know if the OEM wheels from a 2019 Camaro ZL1 would fit on an XLR? Rim Width: 8.5 front, 9.5 rear Bolt Pattern: 5x120, 5x4.75
  • XLR suspension September 10, 2022
    I'm looking for any info for a kit to replace my shocks, struts, etc. on a 2004 XLR. Magnetic ride control module died and can't seem to find replacement.
  • C8 Rims on XLR June 30, 2022
    Anyone added a set (or know if its possible) to use a set of C8 rims on a XLR? A new factory set is selling locally for under $1000 19x8.5 front 20x11 rear Thinking same bolt pattern and offset? What tire size would work? Thoughts?

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  • . September 25, 2023
  • 2006 Cadillac XLR Black Special Edition 4.6L in Dallas, TX September 16, 2023
    2006 Cadillac XLR Special Edition Star Black 4.6L, 70k mi, exterior metallic black paint in excellent condition (100% garaged / professionally-applied paint protection clear film to front bumper & lower sides), no scratches, no dings, chrome rims, top works good, tinted windows, clean title / complete Cadillac service records available, cold A/C, very clean engine […]
  • SOLD '06 Black XLR-V for sale in NM August 5, 2023
    Selling a one owner black 2006 XLR-V, 93k miles that has always garaged. This was my fathers retirement car, he has unfortunately lost his ability to drive and I am selling it on his behalf. Front shocks were just replaced with OEM, both rears have small leaks, but we couldn't find replacements for those, the […]
  • 2006 Silver XLR for sale Los Angeles $16,500 July 31, 2023
    Selling my 2006 XLR! Around 82,400 miles on the dash, I daily drive it so miles are still going up. Good paint, good interior, everything work but the top. If interested you can find the listing on Craigslist, Offerup, and Facebook Marketplace. Feel free to ask questions and look at it in person!
  • 2006 XLR Gold/Black Located in St. Augustine, Florida. July 25, 2023
    Excellent condition and under 30k miles. This car is fully loaded with too much to list, please email specific questions. July 2023 this car received new tires and a clean bill of health by a Cadillac dealer. It has been well kept and always covered. She is an extremely sexy looking car, she needs the […]
  • 2008 XLR-V Black in Canada July 16, 2023
    Anxious to sell. Lowering price to CAD $45,000 (USD $33,000) Very rare. Only 2188 XLR-Vs built from 2006 to 2009. Six speed automatic transmission, Northstar 32 valve V8 supercharged engine. 443 hp. Keyless entry, push start, Bose nine speaker, CD DVD navigation system. HUD heads up display. Heated and cooled seats. Never winter driven. Stored […]