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2005 Cadillac XLR RPO Codes

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2005 Cadillac XLR

Below is a listing of regular production option (RPO) codes for the 2005 Cadillac XLR.

Source: 2005 Service Manual

AAB:  Memory, Driver Convenience Package

AJ7:  Restraint System Seat, Inflatable, Driver and PASS, FRT and Side

AQ9:  Seat FRT BKT, Luxury

AU5:  Lock Control, Entry Remote Entry, Low Power

AU8:  Lock Control, Entry Remote Entry, Specific Frequency

AX4:  Restraint Conversion, Seat Belt, Manual, European

BAG:  Parts Package Export

BGR:  Plant Code Bowling Green, KY, USA

BV7:  Bumper Provisions Front and Rear, Canadian Requirements

B4H:  Modification, Noise Control, Export

B4P:  Modification, Noise Control, Transmission Control Module

CE4:  Washer Headlamp, High Pressure

CJ2:  HVAC System, Air Conditioner FRT, Automatic Temperature Control, Auxiliary Temperature Control

DD0:  Mirror, Outside, LH & RH, Remote Control, Electric, Heated, Light Sensitive

DD8:  Mirror, Inside, R/V Light Sensitive

DL5:  Decal Roadside Service Information

D24:  Mirror Outside Left and Right, Remote Control, Electric, Heated Light Sensitive, Power Folding

ECM:  Module Inflatable Restraint, European Complaint

FAB:  Ornamentation Finish LT Eucalypt US

FAC:  Ornamentation Finish DK Eucalypt US

FE2:  Suspension System Ride, Handling

FE9:  Certification Emission, Federal

GB9:  Label Limited Consignment - Delete

GW9:  Axle Rear 2.93 Ratio (DUP With GU3)

JL9:  Brake System, Power, Front and Rear Disc, Antilock, FRT & RR Wheel

KG4:  Generator 150-Amp

KJ5:  Protector Shipping, Shock Absorber

K05:  Heater, Engine Block

LH2:  Engine GA, 8 CYL, 4.6L, SFI, V8, DOHC, HO, ALUM, GM

LME:  Sales Package Limited Edition Roaster

MX0:  Merchandised Transmission, Automatic O/D Provisions

M22:  Transmission Automatic 5-speed, HMD, 5L50-E, Electronic, O/D

NA3:  Emission System, Japan

NC1:  Emission System, California LEV (Note: Not to be used after 2007 MDL YR for Domestic NAO Passenger Car & Lt Duty Trucks)

NDA:  Navigation DISC Data- Not Installed

NE1:  Certification Emission Geographically Restricted Registration for Vehicles Up To 14,000 LBS GVW (Use 2003 MDL YR)

NF9:  Emission System General, OBD MIL Suppression

NG1:  Certification Emission Geographically Restricted Registration for Vehicles Up To 6,000 LBS GVW

NP7:  Steering Column, EEC Approved

NT3:  Emission System EEC 00

NT9:  Emission System Federal, Tier 2 Phase-Out

N30:  Steering Wheel Deluxe

N37:  Steering Column Tilt, Telescoping

QF8:  Wheel 18 X 8, Aluminum, Polished

QMS:  Tire All P235/5OR18-97W BW AL3 (EMT)

T62:  Lamp System Daytime Running - Delete

T79:  Fog Lamp, RR

T84:  Head Lamps RH Rule of the Road, E Mark

T85:  Headlamps, LH Rule of the Road, E Mark

T89:  Lamps, Tail and Stop, Export

T90:  Lamps, Signaling & Marker, Export

T9E:  Lamp FOG, ECE Requirements

UA2:  Theft Deterrent System Export Specific

UD4:  Alarm, Vehicle Speed, 120 km/h

UE1:  Communication System Vehicle, GPS 1

UG1:  Opener Garage Door, Universal

UH3:  Indicator Low Tire Pressure , VAR 2

UJ6:  Indicator Low Tire Pressure

UJ9:  Indicator Low Tire Pressure , VAR 1

UK1:  Frequencies, Japanese

US3:  Antenna Diversity

UV6:  Display Head Up

U19:  Speedometer - Instrument KILO and MILES Odometer

U2K:  Digital Audio System S-Band

U2R:  Infotainment System 001

U2S:  Infotainment System 002

U2U:  Infotainment System 004

U52:  Instrument Cluster, Electronic

U63:  Speaker System 9, Premium

VA5:  Language Label - English

VBX:  Language Label - Arabic

VB1:  Language Label - Japan

VC4:  Label Price/Fuel Economy, Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands

VC5:  Label Shipping, Except US, US Possessions, or Japan

VDD:  Vehicle Information - DVD, Customer Orientation

VG8:  Vehicle Label, Notice to Buyer

VH5:  Plate, Vehicle Identification

VJ4:  Label, Export - Child Seat Location

VK3:  License Plate Front - FRT Mounting Package

VL4:  License Plate Front - FRT Mounting Package, EEC

VL6:  License Plate Front - FRT Mounting Package, Japanese

VZ3:  Label - Mercury Disposal Notification

V2F:  Cooling System - Power Steering FINN

V76:  Hook Tow

YF5:  Certification Emission, California

Z49:  Export Canadian Modifications, Mandatory Base Equipment

Z5X:  Mirror Provisions, Arabic Language