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2004 - 2009 Cadillac XLR: Service Bulletin: IPC Odometer Programming Method Quick Reference Guide

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#07-08-49-020K: IPC Odometer Programming Method Quick Reference Guide - (Sep 16, 2016)

Subject: IPC Odometer Programming Method Quick Reference Guide
Models: 2017 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Trucks
Attention: This Bulletin applies to vehicles sold in the U.S. and Canada Only.

This Bulletin has been revised to add the 2017 Model Year, add a Note and update the table below. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 07-08-49-020J.

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide a reference guide to help identify which season odometer programming method to use after replacing the instrument panel cluster (IPC). The three season odometer programming methods in use today are listed below. In addition, this reference guide lists the component where the season odometer value is stored. The season odometer value may be stored in the IPC, the driver information center (DIC) or the integrated body control module (IBCM), also commonly called a body control module (BCM).

Season Odometer Programming Methods in Use Today

  1. IPC reprogramming and setup using the service programming system (SPS).
  2. Odometer setup at the electronic service center (ESC) when using an exchange IPC/DIC.
  3. Tech 2® – The Tech 2 is used to set up a replacement BCM, which includes loading the odometer value that is displayed and stored in the IPC. A replacement IPC will display the previously stored vehicle odometer value, communicated from the BCM, after cycling the ignition or driving the vehicle.*The odometer programming is integrated as part of the BCM programming procedure. It is not a stand-alone event.

    Note: Stable battery voltage is critical during programming. Any fluctuation, spiking, over voltage or loss of voltage will interrupt programming. When required install the EL-49642 SPS Programming Support Tool to maintain system voltage. If not available, connect a fully charged 12 V jumper or booster pack disconnected from the AC voltage supply. DO NOT connect a battery charger.

ModelModel YearOdometer Value StorageOdometer Programming Method
Cascada 2016-2017 BCM SPS*
Century 2003-2005 IPC ESC
Enclave 2008-2017 IPC ESC
Encore 2013-2017 BCM SPS*
Envision 2016-2017 BCM SPS*
LaCrosse/Allure 2005-2009 IPC ESC
LaCrosse 2010-2017 BCM SPS*
Lucerne 2006-2011 IPC ESC
LeSabre 2003-2005 IPC ESC
Park Avenue 2003-2005 IPC ESC
Rainier 2004-2007 IPC SPS
Regal 2003-2004 IPC ESC
2011-2017 BCM SPS*
Rendezvous 2003-2007 IPC ESC
Terraza 2005-2007 IPC ESC
Verano 2012-2017 BCM SPS*
ATS 2013-2017 BCM SPS*
CTS 2003-2007 IPC ESC
CT6 2016–2017 BCM SPS*
CTS Coupe, CTS Wagon, CTS-V 2008–2013 IPC ESC
CTS Sedan, CTS-V 2014–2017 BCM SPS*
DeVille 2003-2005 IPC ESC
DTS 2006-2011 IPC ESC
ELR 2014–2016 BCM SPS*
Escalade 2003-2014 IPC SPS
Escalade 2015-2017 BCM SPS*
Seville 2003-2004 IPC ESC
SRX 2004-2009 IPC ESC
2010-2016 IPC SPS*
STS 2005-2011 IPC ESC
XLR 2004-2009 IPC ESC
XTS 2013-2017 BCM SPS*
XT5 2017 BCM SPS*
Astro 2003-2005 IPC ESC
Avalanche 2003-2013 IPC SPS
Aveo 2004-2009 IPC ESC
2010-2011 IPC SPS
Blazer 2003-2005 IPC ESC
Bolt EV 2017 BCM SPS*
Colorado 2004-2011 IBCM Tech 2
Colorado 2012-2017 BCM SPS*
Camaro 2010-2017 BCM SPS*
Captiva Sport 2012-2013 IPC SPS
Cavalier 2003-2005 IBCM Tech 2
City Express 2016–2017 BCM SPS*
Cobalt 2005-2010 IBCM Tech 2
Corvette 2003-2013 IPC ESC
2014–2017 BCM SPS*
Cruze 2010-2017 BCM SPS*
Epica 2004-2006 IPC ESC
Equinox 2005-2006 IBCM Tech 2
2007-2009 IPC ESC
2010-2017 BCM SPS*
Express 2003-2017 IPC ESC
HHR 2006-2011 IBCM Tech 2
Impala Limited (VIN W) 2003-2016 IPC ESC
Impala (VIN 1) 2014–2017 BCM SPS*
Kodiak 2003-2009 IPC ESC
Malibu 2003 IPC ESC
2004-2011 IBCM Tech 2
2012-2017 BCM SPS*
Monte Carlo 2003-2007 IPC ESC
Optra 2004-2007 IPC ESC
Orlando 2011-2014 BCM SPS*
S-10 2003-2004 IPC ESC
Silverado Classic 2003-2007 IPC SPS
Silverado HD 2007-2017 IPC SPS
Silverado LD 2007-2013 IPC SPS
2014–2017 BCM SPS*
Sonic 2012-2017 BCM SPS*
Spark 2013-2017 BCM SPS*
SS 2014–2017 BCM SPS*
SSR 2003-2006 IPC ESC
Suburban 2003-2014 IPC SPS
Suburban 2015-2017 BCM SPS*
Tahoe 2003-2014 IPC SPS
Tahoe 2015-2017 BCM SPS*
TrailBlazer 2003-2009 IPC SPS
Traverse 2009-2017 IPC ESC
Trax 2013-2017 BCM SPS*
Uplander 2005-2009 IPC ESC
Venture 2003-2005 IPC ESC
Volt 2011-2017 BCM SPS*
Acadia 2007-2016 IPC ESC
Acadia Limited 2017 IPC ESC
Acadia 2017 BCM SPS*
Canyon 2004-2011 IBCM Tech 2
2012-2017 BCM SPS*
Envoy 2003-2009 IPC SPS
Jimmy 2003-2005 IPC ESC
Safari 2003-2005 IPC ESC
Savana 2003-2017 IPC ESC
Sierra Classic 2003-2007 IPC SPS
Sierra HD 2007-2014 IPC SPS
Sierra HD 2015-2017 BCM SPS*
Sierra LD 2007-2013 IPC SPS
2014–2017 BCM SPS*
Sonoma 2003-2004 IPC ESC
Terrain 2007-2009 IPC ESC
Terrain 2010-2017 BCM SPS*
TopKick 2003-2010 IPC ESC
Yukon 2003-2006 IPC SPS
2007–2014 IPC SPS
2015-2017 BCM SPS*
H2 2003-2007 IPC SPS
2008-2010 IPC ESC
H3 2006-2010 IBCM Tech2
Alero 2003-2004 IPC ESC
Bravada 2003-2004 IPC SPS
Silhouette 2003-2004 IPC ESC
Aztek 2003-2005 IPC ESC
Bonneville 2003-2005 IPC ESC
G3 2009-2010 IPC SPS*
G5 2007-2010 IBCM Tech 2
G6 2005-2009 IBCM Tech 2
G8 2008-2009 IPC SPS
Grand Am 2003-2005 IPC ESC
Grand Prix 2003-2008 DIC ESC
GTO 2004-2006 IPC ESC
Montana 2003-2005 IPC ESC
Montana SV6 2005-2009 IPC ESC
Pursuit 2005-2006 IBCM Tech 2
Solstice 2006-2010 IBCM Tech 2
Sunfire 2003-2005 IBCM Tech 2
Torrent 2006 IBCM Tech 2
2007-2010 IPC ESC
Vibe 2003-2010 IPC ESC
Wave 2005-2008 IPC ESC
9-7X 2005-2009 IPC SPS
ASTRA 2008-2009 IPC SPS
AURA 2007-2009 IBCM Tech 2
ION 2003-2007 IBCM Tech 2
L-Series 2003-2005 IBCM Tech 2
RELAY 2005-2007 IPC ESC
SKY 2007-2010 IBCM Tech 2
VUE 2003-2007 IBCM Tech 2
2008-2010 IPC SPS


2004 - 2009 Cadillac XLR: Service Bulletin: IPC Odometer Programming Method Quick Reference Guide

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