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    Mine did that too; click, click click! I don't have anyplace where I park by a curb, so I deleted it! Now it's set to just see traffic on my passenger side!Read about how to do it in the owners manual.
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    Help! my driver's recall button #1,seat and steering wheel not working

    I fixed it!I had to push on center (recall) button of the 3 and it recalled those settingss!Thank you for your he;lp anyway!
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    Important! Where can I find the site administratorin all this junk?

    Did the administrator change the site to this mess?
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    Lube for sticking Gas Door Latch Pin

    I believe that someone on the site, (about 1 week ago), recomended a product called "Syl Glide." is that the correct name of the product??? They said it would not hold dust or dirt. I shot Silicone in there the last time it stuck, (about 6 months or so ago) but a week ago it stuck again, and...
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    Funny "Tink. tink tink noise ???

    That passenger mirror going too far down is not in the manaul , and going to the dealer not only costs big bucks, but you wait for along time until they even get to fixing your car! That's why for the most part it's a "Do it yourself car!;" and we all go to this forum for answers!!
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    2005 Original Grille for SALE

    Grille is very nice: not a mark on it! No Cadillac emblem on it ( used it on the replacement grille) Open to reasonable offers.
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    Funny "Tink. tink tink noise ???

    I have that set of two manuals. They are very disappointing because some things one needs to know are not in them!!
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    Funny "Tink. tink tink noise ???

    It was the r/door mirror going down to see curbs. I don't need that feature, so I reprogramed it to "no curb view"That's the way I had it programmed before the battery voltage went down. Now all is good!!
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    Door will not open electrically

    Remove that black screw in the door jam, remove the outside door opener, take it inside, work over a bowl, remove the 4 teeny screws the hold it together, clean the copper circiutry, put it back together, reinstall on door-BINGO!! Works like new!!
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    Gas Door Latch

    Thak you; I heard Syl Glide lubricant from NAPA is very good too, and won't hold dust or dirt.
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    Gas Door Latch

    Thank you for your kind reply! My problem wasn't getting it open, it was getting the pin out to hold it closed again.
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    Gas Door Latch

    About a year ago I installed a new spring on the gas door latch, lubed the latch, and cable, and it worked like a charm. About a month ago it acted up, and a day later when the pin came out- I shot some Silicone in the pin area where it goes in and out . Then I tested it by pushing the...
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    Funny "Tink. tink tink noise ???

    Very funny, HA!Ha!
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