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  • You tube wizard costing you money November 20, 2022
    If you care anything about the value of your XLR please read this. A mechanic on you tube known as the "wizard" is doing a series on the XLR. He sort of praises the car. He bought a basiclly junk one and is going to repair it. Well i watched because i wanted to see […]
  • Manufacturer Buy Back November 18, 2022
    Just came across a XLR Base, Crimson and shale,,,, purchase price is decent but the car has a buy back on it in 2006,,,, it's a 2004 will this always bother the resale value of the car,,, should I just walk away and look for another???/
  • Courtesy Lamp Lens (P. side door) November 15, 2022
    Hello, all... just noticed that the top plastic clip on my passenger side door courtesy lamp lens had broken and will not remain in place. It appears that one must acquire a complete assembly (GM# 10384583) to obtain the lens. Local dealer wants $56.25 plus tax and must source from Michigan. Checked a few of […]
  • Service Location in Atlanta November 9, 2022
    My Brother-in -law has a 2005 Cadillac STS which is very similar to our XLR's and need the name of a good Cadillac mechanic is the Atlanta or Monroe, GA area. He has trouble starting the car due to a computer circuit issue for the engine. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  • Beware Beware November 1, 2022
    Anyone buying an xlr or any parts in the next 6 months to a year should really do research on who is selling and what you are buying. I have counted so far 28 xlr that are flooded and being sold. So far. I would say about 1/2 will be washed and resold and the […]
  • Service ride control message November 1, 2022
    I know this subject has been discussed in lots of post and I'm sorry to bring it up again, but I can't find the answer I'm looking for. Two years ago, I replaced my shocks with the Billstein Shocks and the Casper simulators. The problem of leaky shocks went away and so did the 80MPH […]

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  • Suspension lube...should I take my 2008 xlr to a cadillac dealer for a lube job? It's getting squeeky! November 28, 2022
    I have a 2008 XLR and the suspension sounds a little squeaky. Should I just take it to a Caddy dealer or could I do it myself ? THX.....Ted
  • What is the brand used for the Cadillac XLR 4.6L radiator November 27, 2022
    What is the brand used for the Cadillac XLR 4.6L radiator The water radiator was changed 1 year ago but there were still leaks; I had it changed again on the advice of my new mechanic because I have doubts that in reality, this radiator had never been changed. I recovered the "old" one and […]
  • Window only goes 1/2 way up? November 24, 2022
    My 04 XLR's battery died. I charged it and now the drivers window only goes 1/2 way up. Is there any way to reset this?
  • Need Headlight Update November 23, 2022
    Can someone give me a headlight replacement update...I have gone thru pages of comments here and do appreciate the efforts to resolve....couple of questions: Has anyone come up with a complete assembly replacement? Are the junkyard prices still 2-5k per side If melting from heat has happened does the entire assembly have to be replaced […]
  • Folding top and trunk operation issue November 23, 2022
    I have (yet another) folding top issue. the rocker switch to operate the top does not turn on the hydraulic pump anymore. My top is up, and the windows don't even go down when I press the switch to retract the top which is the first step in retracting the top. The trunk buttons do […]
  • question with driver information center (question answered) November 22, 2022
    So, my driver information center (DIC) is functioning half way, I think. I start the car, in park, lights off, and I push the information button thinking I will scroll through the features like odometer, trip odometer, miles per gallon etc. Well I don't get any of those functions, BUT when I push the OPTIONS […]

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  • Power Steering Pump Drive stripped internal gear. October 29, 2022
    Team XLR - V I lost power steering some time ago but continue to drive the car and just muscled through. Not knowing the history of the car I decided to replace the power steering pump. What I discovered when I was finally able to get the pump off the car shocked me. The female […]
  • Power Steering Pulley July 21, 2022
    Hello XLR fam, I’m new here and have a 2007 V. Like so many, my Power Steering Pump died, and after a 2 month witch hunt I found one from an awesome friend I made on another CLR forum. Now that the mechanic has the part, he pulled it out and noticed the pulley was […]
  • Fault codes - P2176 and P1516 June 22, 2022
    Anyone have any suggestions. I have a 2007 XLR V with 84k miles that I purchased about 5 months ago and have driven very little. A few days ago I went for a short drive and it ran fine, two hours later I started it and it would barely run. I had a few trouble […]
  • MAP Sensor question June 11, 2022
    There are three MAP sensors right next to the intake manifold/supercharger on the right side of the engine. My question is are all three supposed to have a vacuum line connected to them, On my XLR V the first and third one have vacuum lines but the middle one does not. This doesn't make sense […]
  • My 2008 V May 17, 2022
    My 2008 V needs engine oil coolant lines. Can anyone help?
  • Heater core replacement May 6, 2022
    I have a 2007 XLR V that I purchased in January of 2022. Shortly after I got it home I discovered that the heater core had been leaking and the pervious owner had bypassed the core and connected the two heater hoses together. He had also covered up the smell of the antifreeze with some […]

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  • XLR suspension September 10, 2022
    I'm looking for any info for a kit to replace my shocks, struts, etc. on a 2004 XLR. Magnetic ride control module died and can't seem to find replacement.
  • C8 Rims on XLR July 13, 2022
    Anyone added a set (or know if its possible) to use a set of C8 rims on a XLR? A new factory set is selling locally for under $1000 19x8.5 front 20x11 rear Thinking same bolt pattern and offset? What tire size would work? Thoughts?
  • LED Replacement for DRL Turn Signals in Cadillac XLR - No Resistors - Replace or modify relay instead? June 9, 2022
    Hi everyone. So, over the past 6 weeks, I spent a lot of time trying various LED replacement bulbs for the DRL's/Turn Signals. (Mind you, that my car is a 2006, and the headlamps are in near new condition, no burnt lenses). I did this, to be proactive to prevent any future damage. To my […]
  • Northstar Performance November 24, 2021
    Has anyone else had problems with Northstar Performance? I ordered a stage 3 performance PCM with core on 25th September. I haven´t heard anything form them since. I sent them a couple of emails, no answer. I tried to contact the owner on Linkedin, no answer.
  • Interior Mod Pictures November 20, 2021
    Just some interior color changes I am playing with, so far I like it!
  • Looking for crate 09 V engine remove 09 platinum July 12, 2021
    I own an 09 Platinum and want to put a V engine in it. Any recommendations of who has one and and do this swap for me or other recommendations? My engine has just under 16k on it.

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  • 2008 XLR-V Black in Canada October 22, 2022
    Very rare. Only 2188 XLR-Vs built from 2006 to 2009. Six speed automatic transmission, Northstar 32 valve V8 supercharged engine. 443 hp. Keyless entry, push start, Bose nine speaker, CD DVD navigation system. HUD heads up display. Heated and cooled seats. Never winter driven. Stored in heated garage. Never in accident. 98,000 km (60,000 mi) […]
  • 2007 Platinum XLR base October 21, 2022
    Selling our 2007 XLR Platinum with Black interior. Paint is a 9/10. Interior is in great shape. Everything works and has been checked out by our mechanic. Has 22,919 miles and is going in for an oil change and having the trunk struts replaced as they are getting weak in the cold weather. Only thing […]
  • 2004 XLR Raven September 20, 2022
    Vivian has terminal inoperable stage 4 diagnosis is devastating. My dream ride must go I am putting everything up for immediate sale hopefully will be able to ease her pain. Prayers appreciated Cadillac XLR Hardtop Convertible Handbuilt at the Corvette factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky 2004. Full history and documentation. Accepting offers in person only. […]
  • FE2 Shocks September 13, 2022
    Looking for a pair of rear & front new FE2 Shocks (Magnetic Ride)
  • I am looking to buy a XLR (non V). September 12, 2022
    I have owned Caddy's from a 1948 to a 2021 and many in between. Prefer a XLR from 2006+ and ~50,000 mi or less. I do not object to some reno work but do not want to spend the next 3 yrs getting it presentable. I offer a great home (with friends) if your XLR […]
  • XLR Center Wheel Cap August 25, 2022
    Looking for 2006 XLR center wheel cap that matches the one in the picture.