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Hello all we just purchase an 2006 XLR in CT so far all is working well with the car can someone let me know what would be good tires to put on this car . We purchase some new rim and are looking for tires . Do you all think we need to go with run flats or not .
I'm Looking For HELP With My CD PLAYER ALL 6 CD's Show CD ERROR ??? I NEED HELP HERE ,I Can Here Them Changing And Numbers 1Try 6 Mover Over And Radio Works Fine
Only This Id The CD PLAYER And The CD's Are Brand New, I Looked All Over The Forum And Found Nothing
Please Help Me Out Here
Thank You
I am looking for advice for:
1) best replacements windshield wiper blades for my 2004 XLR
2) should I tint the windows? Would that interfere with the rainsense feature or
block out the speedometer reading on the windshield?
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