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I am contacting you in the hope may have a small bracket that I need on the passenger side bumper/ fender. I know it is a long shot but could you please contact me and I can explain it in more detail. I am also in Canada. Mgsullivan@Shaw.ca. Thanks
Hello, I have a 2006 XLR-V and my friend loves it and has been casually looking for one. He's not a member here. If the car is still available please reply with the interior color and a way to contact you. His name is Tom and we are both in NJ.
Hi I ´my Michel from Montreal Québec new owner Cadillac xlr 2004
Good morning I m looking for tail lights passenger and driver side and Roof micro switch 19210515 GM number
Just bought a roof micro sensor on EBay part 19210515 but still looking for tail lights and head lamp at good price
Hi Daniel and welcome to the world of XLR. What year is yours? I am located in Winston Salem and have a black 08. Are you at all interested in starting a NC XLR club?
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