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    Help! Deck lid

    Problem solved - Valet switch was activated.
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    Help! Deck lid

    Deck lid won't open from any of the three activation devices ( touch pad, interior dash button, top button up/down ) is there a fuse that controls this ? And if so where is located ?
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    Ceramic coatings

    Lately I've been seeing a lot of advertising for ceramic coating. All claiming to be the best. Has anyone tried them and if so which brand - pros & cons. Rayzor
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    I've recently came across advertisement for " Torque Detail " . Has anyone ever used this product and if so, do you think its worth the price ? Plus, is it easy to apply and work with it ? Rayzor:dunno:
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    Help! Retractable front license plate

    Richardyoo, Thanks for the feed back - one point I hadn't considered - I already scrape the front end when pulling out of some service station.
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    Help! Retractable front license plate

    Has anyone installed a retractable frt. plate ass'y ? If so, which one did you choose and why ?
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    Help! Dilemma - What would you do ?

    O.k. I'm in a dilemma - What would you do ? Back in the fall of last year I replaced the rear tires (Pirelli run flat ) after which, only to discover I needed to replace the fronts. As a lot of you already know - the front replacements ( Pirelli run flat 235/45 19 ) are no longer available ...
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    New Michelin shoes!

    I see you went two tire sizes up from the original ( 235/45 19 )front . Has this been a clearance problem ? Any rubbing ? Are your replacement tires " run flat ?"
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    long tall Sally -Thanks for the info. Rayzor
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    This past summer with the temps, rather high while washing my car I noticed a tar like substance on the rear cover where it meets the deck lid. Upon further investigation I noticed that the rubber snuffer had melted. Has anybody experienced this in the past ? Rayzor
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    Tire and Wheel sizes

    The wheels really compliment the car. Are you running "Run Flat" tires ? Rayzor
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    Help! Open exhaust

    I should have stated that the exhaust is to loud in this mode. Whereas, prior to the this situation ( being open full time) my xlr-v ran quiet - until I kicked in the exhaust . I'd like to return it back to its designed feature.
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    Help! Open exhaust

    What do I look for to solve my problem of the vacuum control exhaust ? Both vacuum lines are connected to the actuators and the control arms are free moving . Where to next ??
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    Help! Tires

    I just installed run flat Pirelli on the rear ( 255/40/R19 96w ) purchased through Tire Rack. Upon doing so i decided to change the fronts . Oh, what a awakening - I too have discoverd that after talking to a Pirelli rep . they no longer make that size tire. Now the search begins. I was told...
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    Help! driver's door glass

    window Beard bro's, Thank you for the info - it worked and problem resolved. THANKS. YOUR THE BOMB !! Rayzor
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