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Did you try Rock Auto. I got the steering rack from them. I have a V. They probably have both. Good luck!!
Hello XLR family
I am in need of a power steering pump for my 2006 Cadillac XLR V. Does anyone have one they would like to sell. New or remanufactured.
do you have a way to report vins for the registry direct? I tried but you have it set up so you cannot cut and paste a page to send to you. I watch a lot of used ones and all that go thru the salvage auctions and I find at least 4 or5 a week that dont show updates on the registry. It would be nice to be able to cut and past a listing to you direct or whoever does it and have them confirm and update.

I am heading down your way this weekend and then over to Sebring for the race. I still have the autographed V engine cover. Are you still interested? If so I'll see if it will fit in the Z06. Email me at cubby558@me.com asap. I'm leaving tomorrow morning.

Have you made the trunk rubber bumpers? If so I would like to purchase a couple. Thanks
Hello Mickeytee. Canada here again. If I run with fog lights on during the day will my DLR lights be off. Trying to save the lens in the DLR until I can get LED fix. Thanks CRRHGR
Hello rexster Not sure if previous not got to you. If you run with fog lights on are the DLR lights on ? Trying to get around the DLR burn. Thanks CRRHGR
Yes, turn on fogs. I replaced the fogs with led bulbs when I first got the car. I was concerned about my dlr's as they had already started to darken. I make it a habit of turning on the fogs when I start the car.
We are retired from Fritz's Auto Repair. We have collected about 53 Cadillacs (that includes about Allantes), the oldest one being a 1931 4Dr Sedan, a 1936 laSalle. You have to see Fritz's website to see them all. http://www.fritzsautorepair.com We have to sell some cars!
Any Central or West coast Florida XLR owners interested in showing their cars at car shows? I started showing mine and it's pretty lonely being the only XLR. Corvettes everywhere and lots of Mustangs, people need to see our beautiful cars.
Hi. I am in Citrus County on the west coast just north of Tampa. Have seen a few XLR"s in the area but no car shows to speak of. Corvette guys usually like to have me around when I show up at some of the small shows.
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