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When I bought my 2008 XLR, I was pleased to see an upper mesh grill had already been installed on it. After a few weeks I wanted to install a lower mesh grill.
Looking at the front end of the car, it was soon evident that I was not going to do the job myself. I called my dealer and he said they could install it in about 1 hour. After about an hour in the shop, the service manager told me that they would have to take off the entire front bumper assembly to install the lower grill. I told them I would come back some other time. I also found out that I would loose the radar cruse control (mesh apparently blocks it). >
Has anyone else put the lower mesh grill on an XLR? Do you really have to take off the bumper assembly to install it? >
Today I got the XLR serviced and addressed the few appearance issues that needed attention. Like other XLR owners my plastic front air dam grill had lost a few plastic pieces while on the road. I know two pieces were lost when a semi's tire came apart while ahead of me and spread a bunch of bouncing projectiled rubber pieces all across the road. A couple pieces of rubber shrapnel bounced into and took out some of my grill's plastic pieces.

Surprisingly, my dealer had the part in stock so I had them replace it for me. Two (2) hour job that required taking off the front bumper and headlights to do it properly "per the book". New grill looks great but it is a really expensive fix. If this new grill takes a similar hit I will probably burst into tears....