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  • I am looking for advice for:
    1) best replacements windshield wiper blades for my 2004 XLR
    2) should I tint the windows? Would that interfere with the rainsense feature or
    block out the speedometer reading on the windshield?
    Can you provide a little guidance on the name tags and holders like you did in the Carolinas? I am trying to stay ahead of things. I also am having trouble getting a read on Chicago Dave. He had offered to do the shirts but I have not heard back from him. Please reach out...and be tactful...I do not want to upset him or throw this off track. If he does not have time I need to push ahead with this with a local vendor. I am attempting to not step on toes. Dave (Hatty)
    hi bruce
    sorry i don't know how to use this system very well, but thanks for welcoming me. i thought the idea of the history tracking is a great idea and i thought the hats were really cool.
    Bob Walker just told me that Kathy was having surgery. Hope all is well. Please pass on my best and send me an address for cards. Dave (Hatty)
    Bruce & Cathy, As you can see I have geared up for the June PA trip. Any ideas for a slogan. I PM'd Cubby / Supa and Chicago Dave. All I have come up with: "Cruizin the Keystone", "Keystone Cruizin 2012" and "2012 XLR Chocolate Tour"...nothing grabs me. Dave (Hatty)
    Hi Bruce, its been a long time since the homecoming event. Ginger and I had a great time. I was wondering if you have any if the CD with the event pictures. Would really like a copy. If available please forward to us and let us know what we owe you for the CD. Richard Skorka, 8067 Tudor Lane, Tinley Park, Illinois, 60477. Thanks again
    Hi Bruce,
    I have been looking around the forum and not finding my answer. I cant even find a button to post a new thread but that is another problem. Ever since we were at Bobfest I have been having fob porblems. Steve was carrying fob 2 I had fob 1 and problems started to coour near the end of the weekend. Now my fob is not fully recognizing me. I start the car and it says fob 1 dectected but it does not put the seat and steering wheel where I want them. I have tried manually adjusting and pushing the button on the seat until it beeps but it still does not remember the next time. It still remembers I want the right side mirror all the down when I back up (curb at work) and the steering wheel up and seat base rises when I get out. Is there something I can do to fix this or does it have to go to the dealer to be reflashed? It is not doing any clicking in the dash like it does when it can't find the fob or needs new batteries etc.
    thanks for the vin history I was considering purchasing 2005 xlr but history has many issues. now i don not know if i should purchse xlr.
    I just bought my wife a 2007 blue xlr and she loves it. I was told to contact you with vin and you could possibly give me any info on the car. I appreciate the help!!
    Vin# 1G6YV36A875600268
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