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    15th year BG plant homecoming reunion Sept 26 - 28 2018

    Wishing everyone a great time at the 15 year reunion. Diane and I will not be coming this year. I had tentatively made hotel reservations just in case we could make it, but cancelled the other day. We just got back from a 17 day, 3,000 mile trip to Kansas and Colorado in our new Tesla Model 3...
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    Cadillac XLR Owner Gets Trapped in Car After Key FOB Battery Fails

    Rob, good idea to show a picture of the emergency release in case someone hasn't yet read the manual. Man, that's one dirty XLR though and look they still put a paper floor protector down anyway! XLR and Corvette aren't the only cars that work this way. My new Tesla Model 3 also has electric...
  3. onalaska

    New XLR owner in Central Texas

    Congratulations from East Texas. Really like the color!
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    Mid Ohio Race - Sure wish it was closer to home

    <tbody> <tbody> Be a part of Cadillac's renaissance in prototype endurance racing by joining us at the Cadillac V-Performance Car Corral during the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Showdown. </tbody> <tbody> Your exclusive three-day Cadillac V-Performance Racing experience includes: • One (1)...
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    Making a Change!

    Cubby, The new vettes look great. Haven't had a chance to drive one yet. Probably a good idea for me not to drive one :cool:. I don't think we will be able to make the homecoming this year as much as I would like to. We have a trip planned to Colorado around the same time and I have been...
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    Help! RED Cadillac XLR-V wanted

    Check this one out. Just saw it on Craigslist. 2008 Cadillac XLR-V - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale
  7. onalaska

    Making a Change!

    Cubby, Sorry to see your XLR-V leaving us. It was a pretty close VIN to mine which I will probably hang onto until it expires completely. It will probably be worth more in parts at that time. My next go fast car will be an all electric Tesla sometime later this Summer. Steven
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    Northstar Lover

    Welcome to the group. We also started our Cadillac experience with a 2005 STS with the Northstar engine. Wife is still driving it with almost 150,000 miles on it now and it still looks like new. One of the best cars we have owned. It's going to be difficult for her to part with it, but we...
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    Houston Allante-XLR Covey Trails Airport Run March 3, 2018

    Texas Allante-XLR Aficionados - SAVE THE DATE Saturday, March 3rd, for our First Annual Covey Trails Airport Run near Fulshear, Texas. This southwesterly drive will begin at the Covey Trails Airport, at the home of Rudy & Nancy King, just off FM 1093 (past Westheimer Rd.), at 48 East Kitty...
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    Engine Hot- No AC

    Been there, done that. Common problem, most likely the thermostat.
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    My Other Cadillac-2016 ATS-V Coupe

    Really nice looking car. I got to drive one at the Pirelli World Challenge on the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin and it handles really nice. Plenty of power too!
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    Low grade fuel pinging. need help

    If it is doing it with premium you may have some carbon build up in the cylinders causing the compression to be higher than normal. Brief pinging under load is not normal, but if it is continuous for any length of time it can damage the rings and pistons. There is a procedure to remove the...
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    Low grade fuel pinging. need help

    Have you refilled your tank with premium since this happened? The base XLR engine will run on a good grade of regular.
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    Houston Texas Allante / XLR group monthly meeting

    Houston Coffee & Cars 11/4/2017 C&C Saturday November 4th at Memorial City Mall View this email in your browser NOVEMBER 4TH 8-10AM Everyone, This Saturday morning will be another day of amazing machines and...
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    Houston Texas Allante / XLR group monthly meeting

    Allante' XLR Meet up Saturday 11/04/2017 SE-Texas Allante-XLR Aficionados - This is a reminder regarding the Coffee & Cars Meet THIS Saturday (regular 1st Saturday of the month meet) at Memorial City Mall from 7:45am until 10am. Allantes & XLRs are to meet behind JC Penney. See link...
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