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    Inside the trunk

    View of trunk
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    "Engine Hot AC OFF" on DIC. Temp gauge sweeps then stays at pointing to far left.

    Quote: "Thousands of GM cars have this problem and GM refuses to address the issue." . . Truthful and very sad to agree with. They, and other manufacturers,,,,only care about bottom-line profits.
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    Help! Shifter Shaft Seal

    I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for...... but try this link as there are 5 pages of shifter issues listed within, so maybe your question is answered there? https://www.xlr-net.com/forums/search/51191/?q=shifter+problems&o=relevance
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    It's 73K, and That's Not the Mileage

    I agree,,,,, BUT, in 2032 at a B-J action, if kept as is now......it may bring a $ix figure bid :unsure::oops:
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    Battery / no start

    Agree with Robert above.....Its fine that you are here asking 'why' it will not start,,,, but 'why' can't the techs at the dealership service department answer your question?
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    So what other Cadillacs are in your garage?

    Kevin,,, It appears you did a fine job of putting that XLR back together (y)
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    End of RunFlats?

    I don't see that happening,,,,too many Corvettes, Vipers, and Exotics on the road with no spare tires within. Refine your search for replacements.......they are out there just not cheap.
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    3K 2007 outstanding XLR for sale

    The white limited edition, in my opinion, looks the best on the XLR...
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    3K 2007 outstanding XLR for sale

    B-J auction fee is 10% added to the buyer's bid, and 10% deducted from the seller's sold figure If buyer is a private citizen (not a dealer) they also pay sales tax if in AZ auction. Not sure about how other states look at auction sales?
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    XLRs on Ebay

    What ever an item is,,,from a car to a coffee table,, "it's worth what it will bring in CASH,,,TODAY!"
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    For Sale 2004 Cadillac XLR with ONLY 6,135 MILES

    Don't contact me.... not my car
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    Help! Replace the trunk key

    I'd try going to a Caddy dealership's parts department with your VIN# and 'registration' as proof of ownership,,,and see if they can cut you a trunk key.
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    sell-an- XLR forums

    cars.com carguru.com local craigslist
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