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    Wow -thats kind of neat... I think it needs a rib over the passengers head - it looks unfinished... the C-pillar show go up to the roof and continue on. But otherwise I think its interesting 👍
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    Lube for sticking Gas Door Latch Pin

    FWIW - Most silicone sprays use acetone as a solvent to make the silicone spray more evenly... You can see it in the MSDS sheet for the spray. unfortunately, this weakens and softens plastic thus causing it to distort or stick to each other. I've stopped using silicone spray on all plastics as...
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    Help! Catalytic converter replacement

    I re-read this entire thread.... I do not see where anyone says this. TomP says he has an 06, and there has been no fitment issues for 06 and magnaflow cats AFAIK Please point us to the post where there are fitment issues for 06 and Magnaflow cats so we can all be informed.
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    Help! Catalytic converter replacement

    just an FYI - Magnaflow makes after-market cats that are less expensive than the OE versions...
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    Need Headlight Update

    There's some discussion in the Facebook group about someone doing re-pops of the lights... everyone is waiting to see how that pans out To answer your question - the 06 and up were "fixed" and I think GM used different plastic in the lens to prevent melting in the newer version. Additionally -...
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    Help! 07 XLR-V Want to Up Grade Brakes

    You can see my install post here: https://www.xlr-net.com/forums/threads/vette-z06-brakes-installed-photos.3811/
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    Help! 07 XLR-V Want to Up Grade Brakes

    Yes - that kit will work... I had the same brakes on my 06 V for awhile before I sold them and upgraded to an even larger kit. But - you will need different wheels as the calipers are large and won't fit behind the OEM V wheels.
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    Acc mode.

    In my experience with GM cars - a start-then-immediate-stall suggests a security issue. The thread I posted from the corvette forum says that the software security key programmed into the ECM has to match the BCM for the car to run. (software security key not the same as the actual key fob) I...
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    Acc mode.

    Sounds like you need a bench harness... I have one for the ECM.. my guess is that youl'll have to get one for the BCM as well... Basically you pull the ECM out along with the BCM... hook up the bench harnesses to 12vdc and program both the BCM and ECM out of the car. I had done this with a...
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    05 Error Codes

    I have not had to deal with this particular problem you have... but from year of following the XLR forums, i suspect you have an intake or vacuum leak somewhere. Its introducing un-metered air into the system and causing a lean condition. Many of the vacuum lines and such are plastic and they...
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    Help! Catalytic converter replacement

    I've removed mine on jack stands in my driveway and installed headers.... it can be done... it will take awhile and you will be sore afterwards... but it can be done. I think it took me 4 or 5 hours just for one side. I've actually done it twice, the 2nd time I pulled the headers out to wrap...
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    Need a radiator support cross-member for my 2007

    This is the most expensive option, but OPGI has them as well https://www.opgi.com/gaskets-seals/weatherstrip-seals/radiator-support/support-radiator-2004-2009-cadillac-xlr-lower-cradle-c187606.html
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    E3 Spark Plugs Installed

    Interesting... my 06 V has 38k miles on it and I've had to change out 2 of the coils this year... I wonder if they just age with time?
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    Help! No power, third new Red Top Optima this year

    My XLR-V is the only car I own that needs a battery tender if sitting more than a couple of weeks... at first I thought something was wrong, but this seems to a common thing among all XLR owners... I'm the first an only owner of my car, so I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with it... it just...
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    Ceramic coatings

    Thats hysterical :D I have a box of Avalon King coating sitting in my garage, but I have been terrified to put it on until I get the base paint "just right"... so I haven't had the time to work on it... but I guess your comment makes me think I'm doing the right thing to wait until I have time...
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