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    Mid-America motorworks in Effingham

    Mid America Motorworks. They had a large gathering of Corvettes every September near Effingham, IL. After negotiations, a group of XLRs were given some premier parking space and drew a lot of attention. I live nearby and hosted events at my house. Starting with Friday cocktails, A nice...
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    Mid-America motorworks in Effingham

    I drove past MAM yesterday. Most of the property is now tilled and in crops. MAM signage is all gone except on the museum building. One small area on the south side is mowed and has the flags.. Everything runs it’s course. It was fun to be a part of it all once upon a time.
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    Caddy "Super Cruise"

    I now have a CT6 with Supercruise. After 16 years, I sent my aging STS on to used car heaven and replaced it. It's nice to be back in something that is quiet, smooth and updated. It was a nightmare getting Onstar sorted out and delivering the proper data. That now behind me, I use...
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    Robert Barnes, XLR Owner RIP

    I read on FB that Bob Barnes passed on 1/17/20. A note from his daughter; "Hello Family and Friends this is Annette, I am Robert's daughter. On Jan. 17, 2020 my father (Robert J. Barnes) went to heaven. We will be having a viewing Jan.31,2020 from 5-7 pm Funeral Service Feb. 1, 2020 at 11 am...
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    Hand Accident

    I'll look forward to that Kev. Hope that there is a warm weekend in the near future.
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    Hand Accident

    It has been ten years.... Last weekend marked the tenth anniversary of my accident. I'm getting along about as good as anyone. Still miss my thumb though.... Should have celebrated with a plate of finger foods.... Shot off some ladyfinger firecrackers...
  7. rleonard

    Corvettes are rolling into Effingham

    That's an idea. Let me work on that.
  8. rleonard

    Corvettes are rolling into Effingham

    I had to run past Mid America to pick up parts this afternoon. Lots of activity. Even though the show is a couple of days away, I spotted many corvettes. Thew Lingafelter rig was pulling in as I passed. Made me think of our Bobfest events! Bob
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    15th year BG plant homecoming reunion Sept 26 - 28 2018

    Cannot attend You guys will have a great time. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend. Bob
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    Ruthanne's Husband Ray has passed.

    This was just posted on FB Just a sad note to let you know that Ray passed away last evening. We have the flu, his heart couldn’t stand the strain. From prior conversations he requested to be cremated with no services. I am going to miss him terribly....l. Bob
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    Lost an former XLR Owner

    At Rendezvous I there was a guy from Ohio known as Doc Rupp. He had a '06 infra red V. I ended up with the induction system that he put together. We corresponded on occasion, then it stopped. I finally contacted a man that also knew him and he confirmed that he had passed. He also was big...
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    Looking for D.R.Rupp

    D.R. (Doc) Rupp had a '06 infra red XLR-V. He had built up the air intake that is currently on my car. When he sold the car he restored it to stock. I purchased the intake and installed it on my car. He was at one of the early rendezvous in Bowling Green. He was from the Columbus Ohio area...
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    A couple of XLR trip ideas for 2017

    I can help you out with that! Bob
  14. rleonard

    Mid America 2015

    Thanks for the note Giz. How did it go In Rantoul?
  15. rleonard

    Mid America 2015

    The show had perfect weather. Many groups of Corvettes were seen running around. I was in no shape to watch anything. My back surgery was performed last Tuesday and I have been dealing with that. Lots of sleep and rest. Many well wishes from our XLR friends. Thank you all for them. Bob
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