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Cadillac XLR Knowledge Base Updated

The Cadillac XLR Knowledge Base has been upgraded to a new mobile-compliant software platform that makes all service bulletins, recall notices and technical articles viewable on all hand-held devices and tablets. The Knowledge Base also includes new features such as subscribing to categories, advanced search capability, popular article highlights, top rated articles and more. We […]

Cadillac XLR Registry Updated

Cadillac XLR Net Releases Major Site Upgrade and Enhancements

I’m really pleased to announce that the XLR Net has undergone a major site upgrade and redesign! The entire web site (excluding the gallery section) is completely mobile compliant now. All major sections of the site including the XLR Registry, Tech Section and Knowledgebase can be viewed from any computer or hand-held device. As part […]

XLR Net Continues Rolling Out Improvements to Cadillac XLR Registry

XLR Net Continues Rolling Out Improvements to Cadillac XLR Registry

We’ve been working hard on the Cadillac XLR Registry here and adding in option codes, build dates, and invoicing agents from GM records for all XLRs entered in the Registry. We’re about 3/4 of the way through. Right now, all the 2009 XLRs are done and we’re slowly finishing up the 2008 XLRs. We’ve also added additional statistics, corrected […]

Cadillac XLR Registry Continues to Grow and Improve