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Cadillac XLR Modules Location Guide

Cadillac XLR Modules Location Guide

From: AL_Jazz

Does anyone happen to know the location of the module that control/configures/stores the personal option settings? I was playing with all the buttons when I first bought her, and I went through all the options via the DTC. I randomly pressed the options button yesterday and it displayed Options Unavailable. All the user configurable settings function (approach lights, auto lock and unlock, 30 sec headlight delay) however I am no longer able to scroll through the list. I can only assume when I replaced the dash a few weeks ago I must have missed reconnecting a plug to a module. Having unplugged and removed more than I care to remember, it is very possible I missed one and would be interested in knowing where to start looking. I skimmed through section 10 in the shop manuals, but could not find relevant information on specifically where the module is located. Anyone have any ideas?

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