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    Ruth Ann Have the most fabulous birthday ever! :rocker::party:party:party:party
    Have you looked at autotrader for a new XLR? There is a new RED 09 in Cathedral City. a new White 08 in Alhambra. We got ours as pre owned had 7 miles and never titled.
    Bob W
    Hey you just checking on your daughter! Hope all is ok? Hey our B-days are a day apart. Wow that is reall y crazy, Virgo huh? We may have to get together on our days. Another reason to have fun.

    Hey girlie, Hope all is well with you and Ray. Miss seeing and texting you! It's down right hot here, I am so sick of rain and heat. Where is that 78-84 during the day and 55 at night we always get in the spring? What is your weather like, great probably! Faulkers!
    Hey between you me and Marion, until tonight, Hubby does not know yet, me bad! I ordered the Camaro last nite. It is going to be so much fun. Marc has been so busy I have not seen him alot. Me bad! But I have been talking about it and he knows I went looking. Just not that I ordered it yet. So keep quiet, K???
    It's so pretty, orange/stripe/wheels are a RS package deal and very sharp/Eng. cover to match the color of the car/tinted windows/leather multi seats that are blk/orange. It will make me feel like a whole new person. The orange Camaro I rode in last nite made me feel like "Daisey Duke"! So I am calling her "Daisey"!! Te He!
    Love ya and have a great weekend. Tell you more on Monday.
    Kris/MB (Daisey's MOM)
    No .. the pic's didn't come through. How weird.
    I will be happy to get them though ... they are the last ones I need for my "little" book. Thank you guys .... miss you too.
    Hey did you get a few of the pic's I sent to you yesterday? I have Marc's downloaded and will send you some from it today. But the Cell phone # would not go through, not sure why. Could be the sender! I will send to your Ryurgelon e-mail address until I can get it figured out. Duh!
    Ruth Ann, are there any activities planned at the SA trip like there was at BG? Or is everyone on there own to find shopping and places of interests to go to? Thanks Galen
    Hi, I recieved you note about wanting to be friends. Ok, I can do that. How do we play?
    Hi, Thanks for the note. Not sure about the BBB on friday of this year.. I will sure try to get down to at least say hello at either the hotel or Bobs. I just found this site.. What happened with the old one. Seems like everyone is gone? How is Lola doing. My XLR has been perfect since I bought the GMPP for it!! Can you believe it..
    Hi Lola's Mom
    I've seen your name pop up all over both forums that I visit. I think that I'm the one that originally brought your attention to the OnStar/Verizon phone capability. Anyway I'm honored to be on your friend list.
    Hi RA,

    Wow!!!! Looks like you've got quite the following. We're all coming over to this forum.

    Have a good day!!!! Thanks for letting me know about it.

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