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  • Hey MTrocket,

    I just purchased a Cadillac XLR and looking to replace the Fender insulator (The piece that sits behind the Fender) I noticed it's glued on and was wondering if anyone knew what kind of glue is used and the process to keep it in place to be glued?
    Thanks for checking with me, but actually, post #91 on 1/18/2012, I posted that I wouldn't be able to make this trip after all. I also see that I'm not on the latest list of attendees. I hope you ALL have a wonderful time in PA, then again... I'm SURE you will!!!
    I hope this finds you well. I am attempting to button up the name tag project. Would you please provide the name(s) as you would like them to appear on your name tags for the Gettysburg Trip. See you in June. Dave
    Sorry to not answer sooner. I just noticed the replay. Yes I am a shriner, have been since 1972 and am in the Legion of Honor. I am a Past Commander of the Texas Association legions of Honor and am now the 1st Div Chief of Staff for the International Association Legions of Honor. This keeps me busy. Next year my Lt Commander will be International Commander and as his COS we will be visiting a lot of the country. If we head up your way I will send you a message.
    Thanks for the comment on my '62. She was purchased by a Dr in CA and he passed away in 1965. His wife was driving it for less than a year. She was in a parking lot moving and waving to a friend when she ran dead on into a tree. Had the car towed home where it sat until 1999. Her daughter convinced her to sell it. So got a front clip, rebuilt the engine and voila! Drives like a dream with still less than 75K original miles! My son is a professional photographer specializing in vehicles. He could make a Yugo look good!
    I'm glad your busy in today's economy. Glad to hear Cindy finally got some good help. I hope everything works out for her, so you two can come to Colorado. Tell Cindy I said Hi.
    thanks... it's good to be back. Going to take a while to catch up on sleep, though!!
    I would love to make it to one sometime... but living in MT, it seems a LOOOOONG ways away from here. Incidentally, I know of 2 other XLR's in MT and one V. Haven't had a chance to talk to any of the owners, but if I do, I will make sure and tell them about THIS forum.
    It's great that we have met you too! I hope you think about going to San Antonio .... or join up with one of Bruce's events .... you will never be sorry, you will meet some of the nicest people ever.
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