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07 Upper Grill Paint Strip


Dec 10, 2023
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Hello all,

So the back story (thought yall might be interested in how stupid the person who ruined my car was) I was sitting at a red light and the truck in front of me all of a sudden starts reversing. I lay on the horn over and over loud as possible but he never stops and then crunch. Im immediately freaking out cause i know its either impossible or a real b***** to find parts. I pull it together and pull over and ask what the hell he was doing and get this....this guy was trying to trip the light to turn green faster. FML. ANYWAYS, it got the upper grille and ive not found any but the 09 platinums which i here are a sharper front end and don't fit and there's a couple beat up black ones. now, the grill is okay aside from the paint strip. The paint strip is the part that's all cracked to pieces. Does anyone know if or how i can go about just fixing or getting another paint strip?
Agree rexster,
the bottom of the grille is molded to the grille What you call the paint strip. You can get any 04-08 and have the bottom painted to match if you dont find your color. I have good grilles in all colors.
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I can't find any at all anywhere except one that is in bad shape. Aside from the 09 that doesn't fit by my understanding as the 09 has a shape front end. The strip was damaged and the middle of it broke it. Now I have to say it doesn't seem molded to the grill at all. Haven't removed it but it looks and feels as if the strip will snap off. Was thinking if I have the specs I could 3d print it and paint it because it's such a minor piece.


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I think one posting of this thread is enough.
You don't need to be rude. It wasn't showing it as posted it was an accident. People are here to help not comment unnecessary unh e lpful comments
I dont think rexster wascrude, he was just saying one post will get viewed no matter what section its posted in. Most people just read NEW post whatever they are.
Thst being said, if someone backed into my car and daaged jt i would advise them of the cost if a replacement is and haveca shop take care of it. As i sent you , i havevalmost new grilles in any color for 500$ and less. To 3d print a part 36 " long will be a pretty big undertaking. Much easier to mold a piece to insert into the broken void, plastic weld, shape, paint amd be done . it would be easier if it came off. I say its molded because it has tabs that push thru the louvered part and then are heat set or molded to the grille. It can be removed but would be difficult to reattach so that it does not come off.

Heres a phot of the backside. The little round looking dot are the areas where the painted strip is bonded to the grille.


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