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07 XLR Upper Grill Paint Strip


Dec 10, 2023
Utah 1
My XLR/V(s)
07 blue cadillac xlr 1.
Hello all,

So the back story (thought yall might be interested in how stupid the person who ruined my car was) I was sitting at a red light and the truck in front of me all of a sudden starts reversing. I lay on the horn over and over loud as possible but he never stops and then crunch. Im immediately freaking out cause i know its either impossible or a real b***** to find parts. I pull it together and pull over and ask what the hell he was doing and get this....this guy was trying to trip the light to turn green faster. FML. ANYWAYS, it got the upper grille and ive not found any but the 09 platinums which i here are a sharper front end and don't fit and there's a couple beat up black ones. now, the grill is okay aside from the paint strip. The paint strip is the part that's all cracked to pieces. Does anyone know if or how i can go about just fixing or getting another paint strip?

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