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2004 XLR - Folding Top Module - B3669


May 30, 2018
My XLR/V(s)
2005 xlr silver
Hello, I'm from Austria, have an XLR, 2004, with about 40,000 miles and the roof has been causing me problems for some time. An XLR is very rare in Austria, so Cadillac dealers don't really know what to do. The last report from a Cadillac workshop was that the hydraulic pump was defective. Every time I knocked on the hydraulic tank, the pump suddenly worked and the roof opened or closed. Now I removed the pump, it looked like new, and had it overhauled by Top Hydraulics in the USA. After installing the pump, the switch for the roof did not respond at all. Now I removed the top module and had it repaired by an electronics technician, I had all four relays replaced, two of which were defective. The same problem after installation. I have to mention that I operated the trunk lid with the switch and the lid closed, but at the front right it didn't close completely. I have a cheap diagnostic tool that can detect errors and clear them. But the error: Folding Top Module B3669 DTC Description unavaiable 1. last test failed, 2. since clear history - cannot be deleted. In the forum I found 3669 - Folding rear tap signal open. What does that mean? The electronics technician says that the module is now OK. I'm a little desperate. Should I shut down the battery for a long time so that the computer restarts or do I have to relearn the module or even buy a new one? I would be very, very grateful for help, Franz
I highly doubt the technician repaired the module. If it got wet then the chip is damaged. If its not working its not repaired. Unless he has another car to confirm it works , just replacing the relays most likely will not repair it. Many shops have tried that here thru the years and maybe 1 out of 50 are repaired and its usually 07-09 as they have been updated from the 04-06. You should start with a relearn. Your position sensors could be bad or out of sync. It will take a tech 2 at minimum to try and find your problem.
Thank you for your message. Now I have to get a Tech2 diagnostic device, which one you can recommend to me or what do I need for it. Can I train a new module with it?
If a position sensor is defective, can I still buy it, and if so, where?
Ultimately, the lumbar pump on the driver's seat doesn't work either, what is the most common cause?
Thank you very much for your effort
Hello from Finland! First and cheap step. Have you re-indexed the windows? (roll window down, and keep button pushed about 5 sec. -roll window up, and keep 5 sec. Both sides. Try the roof.
I bought my Tech2 from China 4 years ago. Under 300€. Still good.
Hi there,
thanks for the tip with the windows, unfortunately it was unsuccessful.
now I have the next problem after I bought a tech2 diagnostic device from the company EOBDtool.co.uk and finally got it delivered: as soon as I connect the diagnostic scanner to the XLR and switch it on, only the monitor appears blue. the 32 mb card is in the slot, according to the supplier, should everything work? Am I making a connection mistake? I screwed the cable to Tech2 and then plugged it into the XLR with the appropriate GM adapter. Do I have to put the so-called Candi Interface in between? I ask before I make a mistake. Maybe somebody can help me. But I think that the Tech2 or the card are defective. Thanks in advance for your help.
Hello, I have now bought a new module for the roof from GM parts direct and installed it today. The problem I now have is that the GM Tech2 (from China) does not have the module setup function for the relearn roof. Maybe someone of you already had the same problem. Is there a possibility to make a software update and how do I have to proceed? Fortunately, the trunk can be opened and closed.
many thanks for your help
Hello, I have now bought a new module for the roof from GM parts direct and installed it today. The problem I now have is that the GM Tech2 (from China) does not have the module setup function for the relearn roof. Maybe someone of you already had the same problem. Is there a possibility to make a software update and how do I have to proceed? Fortunately, the trunk can be opened and closed.
many thanks for your help
Do you have the pcm/cia card in the Tech II?
I would like to upload a photo, but the file is too large. it is a Tech 2 32 MB memory card Made in USA with the number J-45060 underneath it reads: DATA 1994 General Mortors Corp. All rights reserved. Software 1994 Electronics Data Systems Corp. Below that is the number 082005521, including 3000118 I wrote to the Chinese seller that my Tech II was displaying a software update. He now offers me a card, newest update which says: GM Tech 2 otherwise everything is the same except for the number 0820005560.
Is it the right card?
In any case, the switch for the top does not react at all ...
2021-03-25 17.11.28.jpg2021-03-25 17.11.16.jpg

Doesn't make any difference about the 1994 date. The card is a cloned one Can you find the XLR listing under Cadillac in the main menu?
You have to drill down in the menu to the top relearn. It's not going to "jump out at you", you have to keep drilling down. I haven't had to relearn my top in over 2 years now, so I can't remember the exact step. I've attached a pdf outlining the steps to take for a relearn


  • Folding Top Learn.pdf
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I will try it soon with your instructions and report the result, it will surely help me, thank you very much
Today I tried to program the module (top relearn) with Tech 2, which was unfortunately not possible. When I switch on it shows me software version: 32.007, then: software update required. When I enter Service Programming System (SPS) version 2.080, it recognizes the XLR at the VIN, shows me the software: 12608054, hardware: 12568447 and then tells me: switch off the ignition, disconnect Tech 2 from the vehicle and connect it to the computer. In addition, I am missing the connection cables, and where can I find an address or a link. is there any updated software or memory card and where can it be found? In any case, the Chinese seller from whom I bought the Tech 2 offers me an updated version, but I don't trust him! It's slow to despair ...
After installing a new module and with the repaired Tech 2, I have finally been able to learn the top, but only if I manually lift the trunk lid beforehand. That means when I press the folding top switch nothing happens. I first have to operate the remote control or the switch for the trunk lid in the car, then I hear an electrical noise from the trunk lid opener and I can lift the top manually. Then the folding top opens without any problems and also closes the top including the trunk lid. However, the lid on the front right is often not completely closed. What is strange: after installing the new module and before training with the Tech 2, the trunk lid opened a few times without any problems. Could it be that the lifters in the trunk lid are defective? In any case, the error code indicates the following: Module, folding top B3669 Position sensor circuit trunk lid. Can it be related to the position sensor in the front right of the trunk or to the trunk opener at all and where can I get such a sensor?
I would be very grateful for any help
I had the same issues 2 months ago. I went through the same steps you outlined. The trunk latch wouldn’t reset. After opening manually the top would cycle but the trunk wouldn’t latch. Reset trunk by tech2. But then top wouldn’t cycle. Then the Chinese tech 2 display scrambled and it stopped working altogether.
Thoroughly frustrated I disconnected the battery and walked away from it for 2 months.
fast forward to today. It’s a Sunny day so what the heck. I connect a fresh battery. The Car cycles through a series of finding things it can’t remember it has and the trunk latch locks. It now goes up and down with fob and cars control buttons. I chance putting down the top because it’s a super day. Tops gets all the way to the closing of the deck lid and freezes with the lid up. Put is trying but lid won’t budge. Good thing it’s not supposed to rain for a few more hours, because I’m walking away again. Uggghhh. Maybe I’ll go look online for another tech2 since it is broken too.
Today I opened the trunk manually with the help of the remote control and operated the switch for the folding top. The top opened without any problems and I was happy. When I tried to close the top again, the trunk lid stayed in the highest position and the tonneau cover didn't retract. I was able to close the trunk lid with the switch for the top, but that was about it. despite repeated attempts, the same result over and over again. the car or the tech 2 is crazy ... the tech2 immediately recognizes the open position of the folding top and shows me that it has been taught, but it is not possible to close the top or teach it in. chinese tech2 is junk. the problem I have is that the Cadillac dealers in Austria are not familiar with an XLR ....
I manually released my deck lid and made the dreaded appointment at the local Cadillac dealership. I picked the car up from the dealer yesterday where they relearned the top for $195.00 plus recycling fees. (What they recycled must have been a clue, because they didn’t have one left)
They informed after I paid that the top likely wouldn’t work more than one more time. They said all the top sensors probably need to be replaced or recalibrated but not clear which. Though I thought the relearn would recalibrate the top sensors. They Couldn’t give an exact quote or if they could even get sensors due to COVID, which makes no sense, but whatever.

I will not be using this dealership again and they’re really it in the area. (Take a look at what new damage I found this morning after a few hours at the dealer. Anyone have this happen? I haven’t researched it yet as I just found it at 8:00 this morning. See Photo below.

I’ll trust my fates to the XLR NET members. Any XLR techies want to trade out some repair services for a stay at a beach house in South Carolina this summer? Private message me if interested.

Ugh. I’m walking away again. Better plug in my battery minder...

hood strut base.jpg
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that minor damage will take a good bit to repair properly. it will really need the fender removed to grind and repair the area with the proper smc material. It would be most likely caused one of two ways. If the strut locked up then of course when the hood was closed it would break the mount. I have never seen a strut lock up. They always get loose as they wear and dont hold the hood up. If they do not hold the hood up then the shop may have used one of the strut clamps on it to hold the hood while they worked on the car or recharged the battery. then when they went to close the hood without removing the clamp it would do this damage. seen it many times before on other models . if the wind caught the hood while it was open or someone tried to open it more it would break the fiberglass material outward and not in. I would bet on the strut clamp being the reason. Mine has a long red flag on it to remind you its there. Gm would say to replace the whole wheelhouse at a cost of about 1500$.
as far as I found out I now need a working deck lid open switch for the xlr. is there anyone who offers such a part? der middle lever is broken Many Thanks
the deck lid switch works now, but the folding top just goes crazy and I don't know what to do next. now the situation is such that the trunk lid opens and hums for a few seconds when i want to teach the folding top with the tech2. the window panes go down, the trunk lid and the black flap behind the seats open and the roof tries to open, but it doesn't work. the rear tonneau cover does not open, the trunk lid hums and I can turn off the hum with the remote control ?? I tried to disconnect the battery for a few days because I thought that the computer would then return to normal, but it didn't work. in any case, the car is obviously assuming a value from the folding top that is not correct. all the sensors / switches should work, the module for the folding top is also new. does anyone have a tip what I can do now to get a working folding top? At least in Austria no Cadillac dealer knows about this vehicle ...

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