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For Sale 2006 XLR-V Black/Shale

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Jan 2, 2019
My XLR/V(s)
2006 XLR-V Black/Shale
(Updating 5-15-23)

Selling one of the babies - dont need two, 06 V with new Michelins, new front struts, 82ish k miles, Black with Shale, custom fit indoor cover, Kenwood double DIN with backup camera, wind deflector, Dark tint windows. Everything works perfectly and is in great shape. 29K obo, located in Michigan. Sorry for the ugly pics, just got it out of Winter storage and it goes in for its detailing next week.


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Would love to talk to you about the car looking for a V series after owning a 2006 XLR please contact me at fecs60@gmail.com or 302-229-8972 which is my cell so you can text also
I am in Grand Blanc, just south of Flint.
Thank you for your reply. I have decided on purchase another xlr. Wishing you success with your sale.
No Problem my friend, hope you enjoy your new ride!
Good Morning - Sorry to threadjack this but I was wondering if you have ever had either 1 of your XLR'S in for service here in Michigan and if so where? I'm in Michigan myself and need some work done on a 2005 xlr base and would like a recommendation on a good dealership or repair shop that you may have had some good experience with in the past. Thanks In Advance
I have had all work done by Al Serra in Grand Blanc. They still have one Tech that has been around since the XLR days and he is the only one that works on them for the dealership. I dont remember his name, but has done everything needed with no return trips. lol.

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