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2006 XLR-V Exhaust Bypass Actuator Replacement

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Jan 29, 2009
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2006 XLR-V
Anyone got the part number for the vacuum actuators that are on the mufflers for a 2006 V? Where can I buy them?
I don't know the part number but mine quit working and the problem was the exhaust vacuum solenoid not the actuators. It could also be a vacuum leak. I hope this helps.
vacuum solenoid part # is 25794610. around $55.00. location is under the passenger side rear fender just in front of the rear bumper
Usually its the vacuum valve at the rear of the car that fails. Depends on what your problem is.
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I got one of these off eBay. The vacuum actuator is a bolt in replacement.


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I took the vacuum actuator off this and replaced the factory original with it. Didn’t use the valve part of it.

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