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Beware shopping for psrts.i


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Apr 5, 2017
North Atlanta
If you are in need of parts be aware that there are many bogus companies out thete. One of our members found a site craft auto parts. Needed a rare hard to find part. They said they had it. They sent him a photo so He paid. Well this company claimed to be the largest parts seller in the usa. First clue they are bogus. Wanted payment of 2000 wired to them. Red flag . if a company does not take a credit card, PayPal or other source with buyer protection, move on. . well this company tried to buy the part from me. They don't have any parts just a website. They operate by taking your request , looking online for the part then marking it up to give you a price. We were able to get law enforcement involved and got most of his money back.
I sent in a request to them for a 2009 xlr hood. They sent me a photo of one and priced the hood at 450$ shipped. Well anyone knows there are no v style hoods out there. Only one for sale wants 4000$ . the photo of the hood just happened to be an 09 I bought at salvage. So be careful. If its not on ebay or at one of the better used parts dealers, be very careful who you send money to. Don't just trust them sending you a photo of the part and think they have it.

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