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Here is my situation. I brought my ’05 XLR to the dealer when the breaks were squeaking. To this they told me I needed to resurface my rotors and get new brake pads for $600. At the time thinking that unreasonable I took my car to Midas, where they told me the rotors were too thin already to resurface and needed to be replaced for $1000. So continuing my stupidity, I took matters into my own hands and purchased new pads and rotors from the local O’Reilly and did it myself for only $500 total. But upon testing out my new brakes, I found these too squeaked. So I gave it 500 miles to “settle in” but nothing changed. So I conceded that I am not as good as I thought I was with a wrench and went back to Midas, and asked them to take a look now that the rotors were no longer too thin. They told me my pads were to blame and resurfaced my now 500 mile old rotors and put on their “performance” pads for a nice $500. So I pull out of their garage and sure as hell my breaks are squeaking again. Call them up and hear “Oh give them 500 miles to “settle in.” So I do, and 500 miles later they still squeak. So, at wits end, I bring it to the dealer once more, and ask them to tell me why it is STILL squeaking with new rotors and a 3<SUP>rd</SUP> set of pads on it. They tell me that the pads are still to blame. “I should have used EBC red stuff pads.” Can anyone offer me some advice? After throwing away more then $1000 on this foolishness already and now more then 2 months of HORRIBLE squeaking, I cannot imagine spending another $250 on more pads with little guarantee that this will work.
Yikes! What a disaster, but you obviously were trying to do the right thing. Many of us feel your pain, both with the squealing brakes and the unsuccesful attempts to remedy the problem.

My 04 had squeaky brakes as well. The only thing that cured it was the purchase of new Brembo rotors and Akebono brake pads from the Tire Rack. The pads aren't as 'grippy' as I might like them to be, but there's minimal brake dust and NO squealing. If you look at the ratings for the pads on Tire Rack, you'll note they have great resistance to noise and dust, but only have 2 out of 5 'dots' for stopping power.

Tire Rack price = $94 for front pads and $68 for rear pads.

This is my experience - I'm sure others will chime in with their stories as well.

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