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Help! Exhaust Baffles Stuck Open - Help!!!


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Nov 8, 2009
Aberdeen, SD
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2006 Silver XLR-V
I am not sure how to test this by myself, but it appears that my exhaust baffles are stuck open all the time. I generally do like the louder exhaust sound, but it gets annoying after a while when it won't ever quiet down and makes a constant droning noise. I know there have been questions about this before, but I am new at this, so please humor me with your replies. I owned a base 2004 XLR a few years ago, but just bought a 2006 XLR-V. My understanding is that the baffles on the center two pipes are supposed to be closed under normal driving conditions, and are supposed to open via vacuum at higher RPM's. Mine appear to be stuck open all the time, producing the louder exhaust note. How do I test this, and if it is true that they are stuck open, what is the likely problem? Is there a simple fix that I can do myself in the garage, or do I have to go to a dealer and pay their high labor rates to diagnose this? I have seen previous posts on this topic, but it seems that those owners had the opposite problem of the baffles being stuck closed. I really don't want to use an aftermarket part, and would like to keep the car in stock condition. Thanks very much in advance for your help. I will look forward to your replies.

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Jun 26, 2018
Jensen Beach, FL
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I think it probably has to do with the vacuum source, either the valve or maybe a cracked vac line?

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Mar 21, 2015
NorthEast PA
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Simple system, there is a control module in the left rear truck well, a vacuum source and a solenoid valve behind the right rear tire. Computer tells the controller to apply voltage to the valve, which opens and closes the exhaust pipe valves. No signal, or no vacuum and exhaust is loud. I believe the control module is not available anymore??, so start with the solenoid valve. Runs about $30 and not too hard to install.

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