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Dec 31, 2020
Atlanta, GA
My XLR/V(s)
2005 XLR Xenon Blue, I call "Baby Blue."
Just got off the phone with my Cadi service rep today and my XLR is ready for pickup. Got all but two repairs left, need a ballast for the headlight and a pump for the hard top. They found a module for the roof top (did a function successful test), replaced suspension module and wiring harness, replaced the camshaft position sensors, fixed the misfire in Cyl #2 coil packs, replaced the front shocks, replaced hood struts, replaced trunk support struts (took three techs to do it, quoted me for one), coolant flush and replace radiator hose clamp. Still below my budget for the repairs. I was up last night thinking "What if I can't get this done in the 15 days, I'm gonna have problems with the emissions test. Then what?" This is a great day in used car purchase history.... Thanks for the support, information and shoulder to cry on..... Griff

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