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Black Raven

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May 7, 2024
My XLR/V(s)
2005 Raven Black XLR
Well as you can see this is not a XLR, I was building it to bring to SWFL from Colorado. Installed Vintage Air but altered the install. 67 tyrol blue 400 WS engine period correct, Doug Nash 5 speed, new interior, wiring, glass etc. Ram Air hood & engine pan. Got an offer that couldn't refuse so it never made the trip.
Now for the next chapter: 2005 XLR triple black 32K miles replacement, garaged 3 owners original unmolested to fill that open third garage bay.
Been reading your forums for over two years, never figured I'd would ever find the right one. Crossfire SRT, SSR T-Bird, Prowler most of the retro cars from mid 2000.
First off I've learned so much from you guys all I can say is THANK YOU! Picture to follow


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Thanks for the welcome, waiting on tires to be installed.

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