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New member looking for an XLR


New Member
Jun 13, 2020
Harrisburg, Oregon, USA
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Still looking for one
I'm Scott, a dad who's kids have almost all flown the nest, with money to again entertain the idea of having a sports car again. Is it mid-life crisis if I've owned sports cars since my early twenties, and haven't had them for ten years because of raising a family? Yeah, it probably is. ;)

Before I applied for an account here, I read article after article bemoaning the lack of spare parts and the cost of some that are still available, and pondered the very limited production numbers for the XLR and wondered if getting one really is a good idea. Well, I'm still here so I guess "good idea" doesn't count for much. I've driven two XLR's and I liked the smoothness and quiet and the elegant proportions and the nice interior materials. I didn't like the two cars I drove because the used car lots that hosted them both aren't the type of lot to do any repairs, and the cars looked like their previous owners decided to skimp on repairs before trading their cars in. Still, I see the possibilities. Smoother than a Corvette, with really astonishing surefootedness, without the jiggly nervousness of a Corvette. I really liked the folding hardtop too. It's just a neat package.

So, I'm going to keep looking, and hope there's an XLR or XLR-V that isn't haunted by neglect. So, I'll go back to lurking and reading and learning.



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Jun 11, 2016
Calgary AB / Palm Springs CA
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2006 Red XLR / 2007 XLR-V
Skucera, Your first paragraph reminded me of myself many years ago. I had a 79 Corvette that was a fabulous car. When we had our first that was OK because my little girl and I would go for cruises. Then a boy came along and my wife suggested the car go as we now had two kids and it wasn't practical so I sold the car and told my wife I'd probably never get the chance to have such a cool car. Eight years ago I bought an XLR and the car has been great. I drive it 5 months of the year and keep it in California. I have enjoyed the car so much that last year I bought an XLR-V. I have had no problems to speak of, a couple of annoying electrical gremlins but no big deal. If something big went wrong I'd like to think I could find someone somewhere to fix it. I have not regretted buying these cars.
John F.


Oct 16, 2014
Hendersonville. NC
I have a 2005 XLR with 38000 original miles plus some spare odds and ends. I have the service records and I bought the car in West Palm Beach,Fl.where the original owner lived. Contact me if you are interested.


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Sep 2, 2013
Monument Colorado
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2006 Gold Mist XLR & 79' Eldorado Convert
My Belated Welcome to The XLR Group

Hello, and welcome. The XLR's are so unusual and different than seeing a Corvette or Mercedes 650 SL, is what tipped me into buying ours. Yes parts can be difficult to come by on occasion. Primarily body parts. But that's part of the rarity in my opinion. Great great car!
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