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Power Steering Pump Drive stripped internal gear.


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Aug 6, 2015
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I lost power steering some time ago but continue to drive the car and just muscled through.

Not knowing the history of the car I decided to replace the power steering pump. What I discovered when I was finally able to get the pump off the car shocked me. The female receiver for the pump drive looked as if the teeth had been stripped. Now I am in need of a new power steering pump drive and an easier way than the thing came off to put it back on.

While searching for this new part I would be curious to know if anyone might know what would cause this to happen?
Hi Mad, I’m in the same boat with my V now and can’t find one anywhere. How did you make out? I know it’s been a few years now but just curious, thanks!
You found the only person that has a solution for v drive assy. I would love to hear from the former post to what they came up with

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