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Service fuel System error, car won't start.


Sep 8, 2020
Waynesville, Ohio
My XLR/V(s)
2004 Xenon Blue XLR
I previously posted the information below, but forgot to add one additional thing that I am seeing. Although the car won't start, the dashboard still comes to life and shows an error stating "Service Fuel System". Any other suggestions are appreciated.

My 2004 XLR wont start. Key FOB's are recognized, but when I push the start button nothing happens. Yes, I'm pushing the brake pedal as well. The engine does not try to crank, the battery does not make a click. Interior lights work fine, and about 5 seconds after hitting the start button, all of the gauges on the instrument panel come to life as though the car has started. So I tested the battery and found it was low on CCA, so I replaced it. Nothing changed, still won't start. Hooked up scanner, but found no errors. So my mechanic and I traced fuses for fuel pump, starter, etc. (by the way, we do hear the fuel pump when the car tries to start). swapped a couple relay modules in the fuse box, to confirm that starter and fuel pump relays were working properly.

If I toggle the engine start button downward to turn on accessories, I can move the shift lever to Neutral, but the car won't start in that position either. This is confirm that the transmission lockout is functioning properly.

From other threads I've read, it sounds like it could be the starter, but since you have to remove the top of the engine to get to it, I was looking for any other results that someone might have found in a similar situation.

Thanks for your responses in advance. Matt


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Jan 1, 2009
Houston, TX
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2006 Silver XLR-V
It sounds like the car is going into "Run (no start)" - which happens when you hold the lower portion of the start button down for a few seconds...

I wonder if your start button is defective and needs to be replaced?

Also - if the starter is commanded you should be able to check that with the Tech2 or by checking the starter relay to see if its being engaged on start-up.

But yes - if you need to replace the starter, the intake manifold needs to come off to get to it.

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