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Service ride control message


Oct 12, 2020
Ocean Springs Ms2005
My XLR/V(s)
2005 Shale XLR
I know this subject has been discussed in lots of post and I'm sorry to bring it up again, but I can't find the answer I'm looking for. Two years ago, I replaced my shocks with the Billstein Shocks and the Casper simulators. The problem of leaky shocks went away and so did the 80MPH message. However, I still got and still do get the Service Ride Control message. A touch of the reset button turns off the message. But it does not stay off. I have seen several adds on the internet of a new simulator that shuts down the Service Ride Control message for good.

Today I contacted Casper and asked if they had a better fix now. They said the My mechanic may have made an error in installing the simulators because the simulators I bought, if installed correctly, would permanently shut off the message. It seems that I have read several messages on the forum stating that the Service Ride Control message returns occasionally after they had installed the Casper Simulators.

If you have this recurring problem, please respond to this post. If only a few people have this problem maybe my installation is faulty. If a number of you guys have the problem maybe there is a problem on the use of the Casper Simulators on XLR's but not on Corvettes. Thanks
Never had an issue with them. I would check the connections and make sure the are clean and tight. Thevrears have to be zip tied together at the plug. Also your suspension module may be going bad as these only work with a working module. Thebother thing that i suspect is your brake module. 04/05 have the signal go thru the abs and yaw sensor. A tech two would isolate the problem .being as you can turn it off i would think connection at the suspension module, connectors at the sims or the abs failure that is a known issue
Have you heard of this? The '04/'05 Cadillac XLR suspension control module can be replaced with the '06 Corvette C6 suspension control module
Yes for sure . there had been dozens of people who tried and it did not work over the years. So you used an 06-09 module and it works with your 04-05 mag shocks
What would you like to know?
What year is your car did you have problems with the suspension before you converted it, how and were is it stored? Or should I say how is it secured?
Yes sir....that is correct!!
What year is your car did you have problems with the suspension before you converted it, how and were is it stored and did you use OEM shocks or bilstiens?
The car had gotten wet before I purchased it, for almost nothing. The original module got wet and was physically fried, I still have it for show. After a visual inspection of the shocks and hardware that operate the suspension I took the chance and got lucky as all of the suspension parts still work. At some point I'm sure I'll need to replace the shocks and will use an after market like the Bilsteins and which point the corvette module will at least allow us to drive faster than 80mph and the annoying "check suspension" light is off. DO NOT replace this module WITHOUT fixing any suspension issues or the car may become unsafe at higher speeds.

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