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Suspension bypass module.

How many 04-05 XLR owners have broken suspension modules?

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  • Using regular shocks with broken module

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  • Using regular shocks with working module using simulators

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MR Roadster

Oct 9, 2020
pawleys island SC
My XLR/V(s)
2005 xlr
If anyone is interested, I've been able to build for the 2004-2005 a bypass for the suspension module. It doesn't make the magnetic ride shocks work but it does remove the "service ride control" and "80 mph speed limit" messages and will allow the XLR to drive faster than 80 mph. It uses a C6 corvette suspension module . If your suspension module 10348979 is broken and you have switched to regular shocks this bypass will remove the messages. If your suspension module is working and you are using the corvette simulators on the shocks and position sensors, this will allow you to remove the suspension module and sell it for close to $3k. It will require slicing 5 wires from the old suspension module.

I'm asking $375. It looks like this.
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