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Time Magazine: Is General Motors Worth Saving?



Will they also be for sale in the Botique????? First Robin

As Christmas gets closer, I will be offering (did I say that out loud??) many new (and old stock) items at the Swaim Boutique.

Now remember - I am not affiliated, nor do I derive any monetary reward from the Swaim Boutique. Any similarities between my name and the Boutique is just that -a similarity.

I know many really dim-witted people who have no computer skills and even less business sense so out of the goodness of my heart I provide them with phone service provided in my name, IP addresses registered to me, bank accounts in my name and store front rented in my name.

Other than those similarities, there is no connection between my name and the Swaim Boutique -

Believe me!!!!!!!!! :finger:

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Oct 16, 2008
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If you look at all the problems with the Delphi BK that is still not done I don't think you can make a case for a GM BK that would be successful. Ruth Ann has the right idea. It will take tiem to pay off though.

We have been repossessing so many cars lately, one of the auctions here in town is entering buyers who buy one of our cars each Tuesday in November in a drawing for a free 2010 Camaro. Anyone want to buy a late model Hummer? Discounts if you buy a dozen :lol:

Do you happen to see any clean '08 or '09 Z06s come through?



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Oct 5, 2007
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Do you happen to see any clean '08 or '09 Z06s come through?

We have not had a Z06 yet but they have been hitting the auctions. We had a nice 69 Camaro run thorugh about a month ago. Actually made money on that one.

If you want a Z06 just find a small dealer you trust and tell him what you are looking for. he can probably get you one from auction pretty quick.

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