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Help! XLR suspension


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Jul 17, 2020
Stoneham, Ma.
My XLR/V(s)
2004 XLR silver
I'm looking for any info for a kit to replace my shocks, struts, etc. on a 2004 XLR.
Magnetic ride control module died and can't seem to find replacement.
sorry, nothing will work without a ride control module. without it you get the 80mph light. You can replace the shocks with none mag and simulators but you will also have to replace the suspension module. they run 2000-2500 used on ebay.
I just received a




They have 7 pages of stuff ranging from

Engine exhaust body panels trim suspension and brakes to interior like pedals sil plates and floor mats but no head or tail lights

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Well I installed coil overs and pulled the mag ride. Installed "mag ride delete" kit for a C6 corvette.
Hotchkis sway bars. What a difference !! no issues with the delete kit...just do a google search.
Took it to the next step - pulled the OEM brake system and installed a Wilwood kit with custom 18mm wheel spacers all around.
Did all the work myself
When i install the casper kits, i go ahead and remove the suspension travel modules and arm. Dont need them and it cleans up the look and removes weight. Which coil overs did you use?
Just remember the factory used very strong locktight on top of the OEM MAG drive shocks. You will have to use a small soldering torch to heat the top of the shock tower where the nut is to loosen the locktight.

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