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2005 Cadillac XLR Battery Went Dead - Now Car Is Crazy

2005 Cadillac XLR Battery Went Dead – Now Car is Crazy

From: silkywilson

Ok, so im new to the XLR family.. My 05 XLR sat for about a month and evidently the battery went dead.. put a battery tender on it and it showed it wouldn’t hold a charge so I got a new battery. I slapped it in today and here is whats going on

#1 Key fob does not work (new battery) doors will not open, truck will not lift, car will not start
#2 tried the fob reprogramming as listed online turning the trunk lock 5 times to get it into programming mode.. never get any notice on the DIC.
#3 Car alarm goes crazy when we open the door from the trunk emergency release cable.
#4 normally when we go to start the car and it doesn’t read the fob the DIC shows “No Fob Found”.. DIC shows nothing when sitting in the car with the fob and push starter will not start or go into accessory mode.
#5 Doors will not unlock via key fob or inside buttons on the door
#6 doors will not open from inside buttons on doors
#7 truck sounds like the latch unhooks but will not lift from the button on the dash (and nothing at all from the fob)
#8 interior lights and headlights work as normal.
#9 gear shift leaver will not come out of park

I am so frustrated.. Honestly I never expected this sort of issues from a GM product.. I did put a battery Jumper on it to try and get it started last week when I realized the battery was dead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I’m flustered at this point and its hard to make sense of what works and what doesn’t work.. trying to avoid the hefty tow price ( 40 miles to the nearest dealership) not to mention costly repairs.

Thank you in advance…

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  1. me, too, same year, I bought mine new in ’04. This is what I have learned about these cars: they have a mind of their own and if I ever assume it is going to do what it is supposed to do, it will show me, it does what it wants to do. Sometimes mine will sit and the battery runs down. I never do anything other than place a trickle charge on it. The battery life is short, due to the large amount of pull required just to start the car. Three years is the longest I can stretch out a battery. Regardless all factors equal, only use a battery directly purchased from a dealer. Anytime you use the back bumper key turn, just be ore pared for the alarm, have the key and the fob in your hand. Sometimes the alarm sounds; other times, it does not. The DIC saying “no fob detected,” is not unusual. Just hit the unlock on the fob and the DIC will recognize it, issue resolved for the moment. My cigarette lighter will work a short time with a new fuse. The power source in the console will make the plug in implement, it will seem to burn your hand when you unplug it. I never exit the car without the fob, never! Sometimes, even with the fob, the doors will not open. Finally, I am in similar shape with you, all over a core fee. The local dealer would not knock it off for me and even though I knew better, I wen to Advance and bought the battery – mistake. I feel your pain. For me, I will have to take the car to the dealer for resolve. (Trunk will open from dash, not from fob, hvac will operate only on auto and not on manual control, etc) It has always been my way to describe these cars as, “after all the engineering and creating, it seems like the final test drive was not made to identify all the bugs of daily driving.” That said, I have had 11 years, and still going strong of a car I have very much enjoyed, and it is more of an eye catcher today, than ever. I love the car and it is only because I respect it is a machine, a tank, that is smarter than I, and like most intelligent things, does what it wants to do.

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