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  • What make and size rims and tires are you running on your car? I think it's a great looking set up. I have a 2005 Raven black XLR I just bought and I would like to dress it up.
    When you get a chance, PM me and I will give you our travel thoughts on Bowling Green.

    Understood, just for the Gettysburg leg. Thanks for your suggestions. I am coming down to Gettysburg for a couple of days to talk to the Chief of Police / Eisenhower Farm and bus tours to attempt to lock in the group and some parking preferences while we are there.
    I hope this finds you well. I am attempting to button up the name tag project. Would you please provide the name(s) as you would like them to appear on your name tags for the Gettysburg Trip. See you in June. Dave
    And oh yes WELCOME to the Forum!
    Hi Daniel, Thank you for the friendship request! Jean
    I know I just love mine also decide it to get blue LEDs for license plate and while it was apart I did white LEDs on back up lights too, now going down the road the whole back matches the blue on windrestrictor it totally looks awesome at night! I got a lotta thumbs ups! Thx for the PM great to know your enjoying yours too!....:wave:
    Caddyman Dan
    I did over Christmas and my wife LOVES it. The subtle blue light matches the car. Absolutely Cool!!
    Zaino's Products
    Well did my waxing & detailing this weekend and used Zaino's Products! What a excellent showroom job their products do. I got the showroom kit package the glass cleaner works really well to.
    For anyone looking for a solution to the rubber protectant I found that their Tire Shine Protector is a very thin milky looking subtance an if you put it on a small rag you can wipe it on to all the rubber joint, you must take your time and clean it off the paint and glass areas ASAP before it dries. Makes it clean and a slight shine too! I will be using them for my XLR maintenance upkeep!
    Thanks boilermaker glad to be here to hang with the gang. I'v been driving boring cars for ever until I found this deal on this awesome XLR found for $8,600.00 under Kelly Blue Book In excel condition. It's in the body now a guy, about 2 weeks ago, in a van backing out did not see it and side swiped drivers door and back fender. 3,500.00 Damage. Can't undo what already done so it getting fix and having some other touch ups done while it's there. It will be like all new when done! Thanks again Dan
    welcome to the site...and being an XLR owner...you will be glad you did

    Like the man says " Life is too short to be driving a boring car " I love that quote !!!
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