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    We are trying to firm things up for name tags. One (1) per each guest (e.g.: you and passenger). If you go to the events forum you will see where the shirts are listed under a different thread due to Chicago Dave handling the orders. Hope to see you there. Dave
    Are you going to be joining us in Gettysburg / Hershey? If so...I am attempting to button up the name tag project. Would you please provide the name(s) as you would like them to appear on your name tags for the Gettysburg Trip. See you in June. Dave
    It's nice to be here with all the XLR owners just got my 05 Light Platinium Silver the last week of March 2011. Only had it about 7 weeks and a guy in a van side swiped driver door and rear panel in front of rear wheel. Its in the body shop may be ready tomorrow! Love the car so far it's an awesome road car to ran it Charleston SC the week before Memorial Day for my wife 50th Birthday getaway. Bought a wind restictor that was a great accessory for the road. Did use my garmin for GPS the one in the car seams to be very outdated and can not really update it! Great to be here! 05 Grand Daddy XLR Caddy
    I trust the pittance for the hat has arrived your mailbox by now...no? Mucho gracias!
    Do the tires come with the wheels?
    Thank You, Chuck
    PS My email=chuckmarrally@yahoo.com
    Bill: No mail yesterday and probably not today. Atlanta area is at a comlpete shut down. Interstates closed, schools and goverment closed. Worst I have seen in almost 40 years in Atlanta. Like the old saying "the check is in the mail" if the mail goes. Doug
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