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    So what other Cadillacs are in your garage?

    So here is one of the few other Cadillacs I have that I finally got out a couple weeks ago after sitting for a few years. It's a 1985 Eldorado Touring Coupe Convertible. Since in 85 they only made just over 500 Touring Coupes and maybe around 10 were made into convertibles at Hess and...
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    So what other Cadillacs are in your garage?

    So it's been a while since I posted anything after rebuilding my XLR. I've driven it quite a bit and even had it at a car show but It's always had an oil leak (go figure!) and it's kind of embarrassing driving around smelling like oil and parking and leaving drips so I finally took it to my...
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    2005 xlr for sale

    Enjoy your other Caddy! Wish it would of worked out with the XLR. Would of been fun to have twins but just bad timing right now. Kevin
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    Top Hydraulics is an XLR owners best friend!

    Excellent Videos Wow, just watched all his videos. I never would of figured it was as easy to do all them as he showed. Looked to me before I watched the videos like they were a lot harder to get to then they actually are. Really glad he posted them. Kevin
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    New WSJ Article on Cadillac's struggles as a brand..

    Not a subscriber either but was able to read it once I closed the pop up ad. Cool lead photo from the old factory. Kevin
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    Finally got my XLR, Now to Rebuild it!

    Wow, sorry I’ve been on forum but haven’t looked at my own thread for a while. Didn’t realize I had a couple questions. Mine has over 100,000 miles on it. It was from Florida and was a clean car. Was only up in Illinois for a short time before it was in a colission and totalled out. I got it...
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    Hood Struts, 2005

    Here's the first picture I could find from my rebuild thread. Hope this helps. Kevin
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    15 Year XLR Homecoming Pictues

    Wow! I remember seeing pictures of that when it happened. Like it couldn't of been a couple hundred feet out farther in the lot or something instead of right in the middle of the building! Did it ever say what the cause of it was right there in that spot? Can you imagine being the first person...
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    We are here!

    Jealous! Sure wish we could of made it instead of being at work and checking updates on my phone! Please, someone, post pictures of everything. Hope to meet some of you in the future! Kevin
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    Finally got my XLR, Now to Rebuild it!

    A little Update So it's been quite a while since I posted anything so here's a little update. The XLR is a car I always wanted but my wife had a special birthday coming up and since she had always wanted something cool (a Prowler) I was looking for a reasonable one for her but the deal fell...
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    Finally got my XLR, Now to Rebuild it!

    Street Legal !!! Finally was able to schedule and go for my salvage inspection! Here in Wisconsin they do them at State Patrol headquarters, Police and Sheriff offices by specially trained officers. Closest one to me was the State Patrol and when I called for an appointment he squeezed me in...
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    Finally got my XLR, Now to Rebuild it!

    Ordered! That is impressive. Looked it up and ordered a 4oz. bottle in shale. That place is within 100 miles of me so should get it fairly soon and will try it and post results then. Thanks for the tips! Kevin
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    Finally got my XLR, Now to Rebuild it!

    Wow, that looks like some miracle stuff if it works like that! I will check that out further. Looks like they have quite a few stock colors but I don't see one exactly like mine (shale?) but I see they can color match and custom make them. The leather on the drivers seat is just plain worn, no...
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    Finally got my XLR, Now to Rebuild it!

    Interior Yeah, I can see what you’re saying looking at picture now but I can assure you the interior is very clean. My wife never would of sat in it if it wasn’t!;) Just typical wear on light colored leather for a car with some miles on it. Even carpet is nice. Them lighter colored interiors...
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    Finally got my XLR, Now to Rebuild it!

    A Little Bling! So now that most of the work is done and before the salvage inspection I wanted to put on a few finishing touches. First, since the engine cover was completely missing for some reason I called around for a used one but most were aged and worn quite a bit so I checked to see...
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