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    Dave, How are the shirts coming for the PA trip? If you do not have time I need to get them moving here in PA. I am starting to get inquiries as to design and price point. Can you provide an update. Thanks for all your help.
    I am working on the shirts for PA and would like to get a template of the XLR outline for the shirt shop. I was thinking of something simple like the outline with XLR underneath and "PA 2012" over the top. Any suggestions? Hatty
    Dave, My bad, I posted on the brick blog about my donation to Bruce and Cathy's brick. WTF was I thinking. It was vague enough that they should not pick up on it. My apologies. That being said could you check to see if he is holding the checks? I will be happy to donate to the club brick also.
    Dave it was great meeting you! Just got home, wishing I could have stayed longer to visit. Btw, my email is Sean_Dockery@me.com. Easiest way to reach me (or text message of course). You have a beautiful car.
    CD, Did you forget to send me a golf shirt for Dawn? Did I pay you?
    Hi Chicago Dave!

    I am new to the site as i am sure your aware.

    We purchased an XLR in December.
    Brand new to the site. Love the ride. The black is beautiful. I have a Xenon Blue 04 XLR. I really want to put the Z06 rims on mine as well. What size are your rims and tires? what offset?
    Thanks for the welcome ChicagoDave. A little late, I know.
    Excited to be aboard.
    Several of us from the Allante/XLR Club plan to attend the Corvette Homecoming.
    Look forward to the drives. We welcome you to join our club.

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Yeah- one of the reasons I moved to San Diego. I had a Miata for 10 years and then a Honda S2000 for 3 years- top is down 99% of the time. However- crime here is high and had the tops of both cars slashed...ugh! Don't have to worry about that with a retractable hardtop ;-) Looks like you live in the Chicago area? Easily one of my favorite cities in the US. How does the XLR do in snow? Does the traction control work pretty well? Oddly enough there's a large Canon office in the same building as me here in San Diego. They must be doing well because they expanded into an adjacent office space. Cheers, Mark
    It was great meeting you and Devin. Hope you plan on joining us again. It's nice to see that Devin joined the forum.
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