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    just sayin' Hello

    Hi Sandy - Its been a while since I have been on here. Just seems like there is always something to do - either around my house, or around Devin's house (his house is about 5 minutes away from ours)... I feel like I have two houses now (but Devin has a nice 2 3/4 car garage that he so...
  2. ChicagoDave

    Important! Inside Door Switch Not Working / Fix.

    I was very hopeful, when I saw this post - unfortunately, brand new CR3032 in my key fob and the driver's side door still does not open (very intermittent, sometime up to 10-15 attempts, before it finally opens). And yes, my window does index (drop down a little), but the door latch does not...
  3. ChicagoDave

    For Sale Sad Separation

    Chad - I am both excited and sad for you ... happy on your new C8 coming into your household... but sorry to see another XLR leave our close family (I'm sure it was a difficult decision). But remember - the XLR's brought us all together, it does not KEEP us together... our friendships and...
  4. ChicagoDave

    Did member garages go bye bye with the new site?

    Hey Rob - I cannot find any of my pictures on the new site either. Where did they go? Will they eventually come back? Thanks.
  5. ChicagoDave

    Fuel tank problem

    Same thing happened to me on my 2005 Base XLR. Took a few days/a week, for the fuel injection cleaner to do it's work on the contacts, I guess. But yes, as you said - give it a few days or a couple of weeks. What do you have to lose. Be patient ... nobody wants to dumb hundreds and hundreds...
  6. ChicagoDave

    2002 Key Fob

    The newer "flat" fobs are programmable as well (search 2008 or 2009 XLR fob). I programmed by 2005 with the newer fob (less bulky in the jeans pocket). You can also go on eBay and find a USED one. User Programmable (as long as you don't have all 4 spots programmed). Only spot 1 and 2 work with...
  7. ChicagoDave

    E3 Spark Plugs Installed

    Just for reference - the BASE XLR's use the E3.54 part number. My '05 has been having misfire issues, I am going to install these this weekend (219K miles). I have gone through a few ignition coils over the last year or so. Maybe its the spark plugs. We'll see. (have not driven the XLR's...
  8. ChicagoDave

    Driver Side Power Window Issue

    Need to index your windows, I think. I get this a lot on my '05 XLR (with almost 220K miles). Just press the window buttons up and hold them for a count of 10 or so. Then press the window buttons down and hold them for a count of 10 or so. That should do it. Usually have to do this whenever...
  9. ChicagoDave

    Best Exhaust? 2008 model

    Wow - looks like the nastiness in the forum has not improved. Not sure why people have to put down other people's opinion. I had not logged on for several months. When I joined the forum, it was a place to share my admiration for such a unique car - met some amazing people... back in the day...
  10. ChicagoDave

    Black Powder Coated OEM wheels

    Why are you selling them, Tim? What are you running on your XLR now? I thought I was getting tired of the Triple Black look ... but nope, I had my 2018 XT5 AWD OEM wheels powder coded black - love the look. I even put them back on my wife's 2010 CTX Wagon again (did Chrome XLR V wheels last...
  11. ChicagoDave

    Best Exhaust? 2008 model

    I would have to completely agree with XLRATING on both points. My Corsa's are my favorite add on to my 2005 base XLR. I like my Billy Boats on my 2007 XLR V, but I eventually go nuts, with the drone, especially when driving it with the top up. I have a Mild to Wild switch to make the V even...
  12. ChicagoDave

    End of my XLR?

    I have a base '05 with over 215,000 miles on it and I love the car. I also have a 2007 V and it is an amazing car. I could not see myself ever NOT owning an XLR. As others have said, these are older cars and like other older cars, they are not perfect. My cars have small idiosyncrasies that...
  13. ChicagoDave

    Wanted, Right Rear TailLight

    These things are sooooo hard to find. I just drove my base 2005 (knew I had a few LED's out) and noticed the Rt turn signal flashing fast. Checked the front bulb and it is fine ... the back tail light has ALL of the inside LED's out ... only the outside line of LED's are working. So that is...
  14. ChicagoDave

    15 Year XLR Homecoming Pictues

    Home Safe Cindy and I were on the road by 6:10am (had our alarm set for 6:15 - it went off in the car :laugh:). We had a nice drive home. About 6 1/2 hours. Weather was great, until just coming into Chicago - then the rain the rest of the way home. We both had an amazing time. Always love...
  15. ChicagoDave

    Daily Chat

    Dash Cam I've been using Dash Cams in a few of my cars for sometime. I've had an accident or two, with no witnesses - dash cam would have shown the person who hit me, went through a red light. I don't put my top up, just my windows - if i won't be long. I totally recommend them. I can't see a...
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