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  • Supa, We are delighted to be on your friends list. Lynda and I really enjoyed the Charleston trip. Thank you again for all your leg work which made that gathering such a success. We did Magnolia Gardens on Sunday and found a great oceanside restaurant on the Isle of Palms for a romantic top down evening dinner. See you soon at Bowling Green. Jack & Lynda
    Supa, Can't make the homecoming as I will be in Texas on business. Look forward to seeing all the pictures on line. By the way I need an email address in a PM so that I can send you your picture of the mad danish / eclair incident at the Biltmore breakfast.
    Would absolutely love to... t'would be a great run up I-65 for us! UNfortunately, summer is our busiest season and I can't take time off then. Our little breaks occur in April and during football season. Please take and post plenty of pix!
    Supa, I was PMing with Cubby earlier. Just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how much we enjoyed the trip and meeting everyone. That almost looks like a glass of water in you hand above. Be well. Dave
    Thanks, happy to be here! I purchased a 2005 XLR black with tan interior about 10 months ago, and I love it.
    Thanks for the note!!! I don't think I've been on here for about a month or more... taking forever to catch up on threads!!!
    All is very well... just been packed at the shop!! It's seems it's either feast or famine when you're in business for yourself... I just thank God it's been feast lately.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you also... I'm doing the turkey this year. I have a recipe for a Hawaiin-Portugese turkey that is amazing; I made it in 2006 for Thanksgiving and my brother-in-law's kids are still talking about it. It sits in a marinade for two days... I have to baste it at least 5 times a day. It ends up being the most mouth-watering, moist turkey I've ever tasted. And talk about flavorful!!!
    How about yourself and Cubby??? How have you been, how do you like the SHO, what are you guys doing for the holidays??
    thanks... been real busy lately. It's horrible when work interferes with time with friends. BTW... Cindy's new boss started this past Monday. She says he is really nice and easy to work with... hopefully that continues.
    Hey you how are you today? Hope the weekend went as expected. Marc is a brat is he not?
    Yes he knows about the car, I text him about 3 on Friday and told him and he was happy. So all is good! But it is going to kill me waiting this long. I want it already.
    Well I was out getting the mail and ran into a neighbor. And chatted for a bit.
    Call anytime you want to caht!
    Are you already drinking??? Hey you called last nite but no message and then I tried you back but no answer. What the He--!!!!
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